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  1. Yeah, there is no changelog for the final release. He posts changelogs for "WIP" versions on Vogons forums, so you would have to go back one year and look at dozens of changelogs. In short, the big update is DirectX 9 suppport that has been in the works for the past year, before it was DirectX 1-8. BTW, what is stopping Google from flagging PCGW as malware too, people also upload various fixes, hacks, dlls and exes here too ?
  2. Widescreen Gaming Forums is one step close to being shut down thanks to idiots at Google, this is another example what this site should report about.
  3. In my opinion the news section should be more focused on what this Wiki is like fixing games, compatibility issues and that kind of stuff. For example in the past few weeks new versions of nGlide, dgVoodoo and DosBox has been released, I think stuff like that deserves some attention, since these and other tools are very important for many games and you wont see mainstream media cover this stuff. Another example is Microsoft shutting down their games servers that were used on Windows 7 which is now causing serious issues for W7 users like some random games not starting and rundll.exe stressing their CPU. Here is a discussion about it on GOG. I think stuff like that are perfect for website like this to cover. https://www.gog.com/forum/general/old_games_not_launching_and_eating_100_of_the_cpu_on_windows_7/page1 These are some recent examples that I can think of.
  4. I agree, for example this will make all the classic adventure games n/a, it should be left to true.
  5. On my watchlist page I saw bots flagging many articles having corrupt images, some covers and screenshots that I uploaded as broken, but others from the same set are fine, it seems to be random. What is going on ?
  6. Antrad

    CD audio tracks

    1) This Wiki lists a lot of technical aspects of games like DRM, graphics and sound API, physics middleware, etc... so listing that the game uses CD audio tracks for music and/or sound effects would make sense. 2) Some older games can have issues playing CD tracks on modern Windows, so you need to use a custom winmm.dll, then rip them to OGG format and then put everything in the game installation folder (some old games are re-realeased like this on digital platforms, for example Extreme G-2). This info would be useful on pages of games with that problem.
  7. Antrad

    CD audio tracks

    I suggest under audio settings to add a marker for games that came with CD audio tracks/CD music.
  8. Antrad

    Shadow Warrior 2

    If a game is using some tech then that is interesting to mention if it can enhance user experience or cause technical issues if running the game on unsupported hardware and stuff like that. Adding that it was FIRST to use something is a fun fact, but that information isn't helpful to anyone in any technical way, it is more a thing for Wikipedia.
  9. I don't understand what this means ? I've seen Garrbot changing all my edits where I set "hackable - Can be forced in the GPU control panel" to "false - see the glossary for a possible solution". And worst thing is the glossary is just a large wall of text, and only at the very end there is a table which you need to expand to see all the possible ways to force AA, and the cherry on top is there you have AMD control panel called "Catalyst" which is not used for two years I think. I think if a user has confirmed forcing AA works through the control panel, there is no need to set it to false and point a random wanderer to that confusing glossary to search for a "possible solution". It should be left as hackable and instead point directly to the instructions how to use the GPU control panel.
  10. Antrad

    NoCD Patches

    I wanted to make the exact same thread for some time now. "PCGamingWiki aims to list fixes and workarounds for every single PC game" Well, it is simply not possible to fulfill that goal without fully embracing things like No CD cracks. Microsoft doesn't support it on their new operating systems and since most games will never be patched by the developers themselves we have no choice. In this situation that makes various sites that have cracks available more important than sites that still have official patches for old games. The cracks are the fixes ! Similar to that, we also have Games For Windows Live, which was shut down. The rule of "no cracks allowed" is already broken. Most widescreen fixes that are linked here use a cracked exe. Similar to that there are GFWL games with links to dlls that disable it. With all that said I'm aware you can not fully embrace it also because of issues of "trust". What crack site can you fully trust and link to it ? Who will verify if everything is safe ? What I would suggest is to automagically add a note/warning on all games that have securom or safedisc listed as copy-protection and mention why it may not work on new windows version, and link to some official news article or something about that topic. I have personally left a note for Will Rock. The game was not patched, it is not being sold anymore, you can not buy a DRM free copy, so you have no other choice. You can find people all over Youtube and gaming forums claiming the game simply doesn't work on Win7 and later, but the only problem is the DRM: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Will_Rock
  11. Antrad


    In the area under the game cover art there are links to Wikipedia, SteamDB, Wine... and other stuff. I recommend to add MobyGames there too, since Wikipedia is a general online encyclopedia and MobyGame is basically an online encyclopedia for video games and people often already add the links to it in the general info section. Many old obscure and less known games don't have a Wikipedia page, but I have yet to find an old game without a MobyGames page.
  12. I don't know what to suggest, I played the game recently with no issues, but on Windows 7. Did you try using any compatibility settings like turning off desktop composition, visual themes, display scaling and that kind of stuff ? Did you try disabling DVR ?
  13. I think the game uses OpenGL for rendering and DirectX is just for input, so graphics wrappers wont work. But don't quote me on that. Did you try renaming fakk2.exe to quake3.exe ?
  14. Antrad

    Call of duty 2

    What can't you find ?
  15. Antrad

    Call of duty 2

    If everything else fails you might try using WineD3D for Windows. Download it from here https://fdossena.com/?p=wined3d/index.frag, then copy d3d9.dll, libwine.dll and wined3d.dll in the game's executable directory. It helped me with Starship Troopers on Windows 7 and Beyond Good And Evil on Windows 10.