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  1. It is fascinating to see some of the dumb mistakes Microsoft made over the years. I mean they had Windows, they had DirectX, they had a ton of PC game studios they already worked with and what do they do... they make a custom computer that uses all their PC tech, but incompatible and call it a console. Then they proceed to shut down their PC developers like Ensemble Studios, abandon or ignore their successful IPs like Dungeon Siege or Flight Simulator, etc... And what are they doing now ? They are literally buying and building studios that are exact replicas of studios they already had back then. And now they even added mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox. In 15 years they made a full circle and are back at the start.
  2. Most gaming forums that I have been visiting were shut down in the last two/three years; Seriously Forums, Facepunch Forums, WidescreenGamingForum and one abandonware forum. Some moved to Discord, that I don't use, and reddit, which I am not a fan of. I mostly use GOG forums now, but the company doesn't seem to care about the state of the forums. It has a lot of potential to become something bigger now when other forums are being shut down left and right and more old-school people like me are searching for alternatives. I visit Vogons because the dev of dgVoodoo is there and some other good people that fix old games.
  3. All this is nonsense. Death Stranding was never a exclusive in the first place, Sony only used it for marketing its platform. All games listed are third-party games only published by Sony. This is like Alan Wake, that other Remedy game, Ori and indie titles published by Microsoft that appeared on PC/Steam. Only after Gears 4 and Forza, and now MCC and Halo 6 can you see MS is really into it. Until Sony releases their first party titles like Uncharted, Shadow Of Colossus or Horizon Zero Dawn on PC (directly and not via streaming) all this is not worth discussing.
  4. Antrad

    CD audio tracks

    I am bumping up this thread, not sure if anything was done about it in the meantime. CD music playback is broken since Windows Vista: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=36870&p=643220&hilit=HardwareAudioMixer#p643220 Not only do people have trouble getting the music to play, but once it does you have no control of the music volume, changing the music volume in the settings changes other sounds as well. I experienced that in several games now. And it gets worse than that, I am currently playing a game on Windows XP, because the game changes CD music volume during gameplay, so on my new Windows 7 computer when the CD music goes silent all other sounds go silent, it is completely broken game now, because of the changes in Windows audio mixer. Just like there is a note now about broken DRM, there should be a note for games using Red Book CD Audio and we need some flag/marker in audio/middleware section for it.
  5. That DLC was so poor and ended with such a slap in the face, gamers that don't know it exist are lucky. The whole game was a slap in the face actually.
  6. Antrad

    Time limit between edits

    I think it might be a good idea to make some kind of time limit for making edits. Just look at this mess here in history: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Area_51_(2005) 9 edits in 7 minutes and it seems nothing was changed in the end. Surprising this was not misused by bots or something. It is annoying to check the changes when people go on a edit spree like this with very short edits. Maybe after the third edit in a short time span to block for 5 minutes, like when login in.
  7. Antrad


    I disagree that Wikipedia is more useful, since I already wrote in the first post that many games or game developers don't have a Wikipedia article, but Moby Games does. Try finding any information about Brilliant Digital Entertainment and their games like Cyberswine and all you get is what is on Moby Games (probably one of the reason Telltale gets credit for innovation in adventure game genre and online episodic content while BDE did exactly the same things already back in 1997, people completely forgot about BDE). Not only does Moby Games have covers that most people here use when making articles, but they also have system requirements listed which I use when these obscure games don't even have them in readme. In the end it doesn't matter now, since they don't want to cooperate.
  8. Yeah, there is no changelog for the final release. He posts changelogs for "WIP" versions on Vogons forums, so you would have to go back one year and look at dozens of changelogs. In short, the big update is DirectX 9 suppport that has been in the works for the past year, before it was DirectX 1-8. BTW, what is stopping Google from flagging PCGW as malware too, people also upload various fixes, hacks, dlls and exes here too ?
  9. Widescreen Gaming Forums is one step close to being shut down thanks to idiots at Google, this is another example what this site should report about.
  10. In my opinion the news section should be more focused on what this Wiki is like fixing games, compatibility issues and that kind of stuff. For example in the past few weeks new versions of nGlide, dgVoodoo and DosBox has been released, I think stuff like that deserves some attention, since these and other tools are very important for many games and you wont see mainstream media cover this stuff. Another example is Microsoft shutting down their games servers that were used on Windows 7 which is now causing serious issues for W7 users like some random games not starting and rundll.exe stressing their CPU. Here is a discussion about it on GOG. I think stuff like that are perfect for website like this to cover. https://www.gog.com/forum/general/old_games_not_launching_and_eating_100_of_the_cpu_on_windows_7/page1 These are some recent examples that I can think of.
  11. I agree, for example this will make all the classic adventure games n/a, it should be left to true.
  12. On my watchlist page I saw bots flagging many articles having corrupt images, some covers and screenshots that I uploaded as broken, but others from the same set are fine, it seems to be random. What is going on ?
  13. Antrad

    CD audio tracks

    1) This Wiki lists a lot of technical aspects of games like DRM, graphics and sound API, physics middleware, etc... so listing that the game uses CD audio tracks for music and/or sound effects would make sense. 2) Some older games can have issues playing CD tracks on modern Windows, so you need to use a custom winmm.dll, then rip them to OGG format and then put everything in the game installation folder (some old games are re-realeased like this on digital platforms, for example Extreme G-2). This info would be useful on pages of games with that problem.
  14. Antrad

    CD audio tracks

    I suggest under audio settings to add a marker for games that came with CD audio tracks/CD music.
  15. Antrad

    Shadow Warrior 2

    If a game is using some tech then that is interesting to mention if it can enhance user experience or cause technical issues if running the game on unsupported hardware and stuff like that. Adding that it was FIRST to use something is a fun fact, but that information isn't helpful to anyone in any technical way, it is more a thing for Wikipedia.