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Configuration files - encrypted or not


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I suggest adding a parameter so we can set if configuration files are encrypted or not.

There could be several options;

- non encrypted - when you can read and edit them with notepad, or if registry settings are readable and can be edited

- hackable - if it is encrypted, but there is a tool to read and edit them

- encrypted - no soup for you

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Config files can also be binary but not encrypted. Can't edit with notepad, but could edit with a hex editor. 

And how about when some config files are plaintext, whereas others are binary and/or encrypted? For example, Tt's Lego games have a plaintext config file that controls all options except the keybinds, which are in a separate binary file (and whether that's encrypted is anyone's guess).

I'm not sure about this one, because there's quite a bit of variance that's difficult to portray with a simple flag.

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Each file can be listed individually and each one can have its own flag; plain text or binary. Encrypted/non encrypted is poor choice of words on my part, I was more thinking about being readable and editable versus being binary, ecrypted or whatever.


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It would probably make more sense to tag this on just the file rather than the past, e.g.:


This would mean the result would be other other way around out of necessity:


This would also make it possible to tag files when mentioned individually, e.g. for games where there is a breakdown below the table for what each file does.

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