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Launcher screenshots color scheme change proposal


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  • If using Windows 8/8.1, the window border needs to be light blue (labeled as "Color 12" under the Color and Appearance menu in the Control Panel). This allows the screenshot to match the colour scheme of the wiki, while maintaining high contrast with text.
  • If using Windows 10 (v1511 and later), the window border needs to be Cool blue bright (under the Accent colour listing, which is located in the Personalization -> Colors menu in Settings. Disable Automatically pick an accent color from my background beforehand). This allows the screenshot to match the colour scheme of the wiki, while maintaining high contrast with text.

The current recommendation to use turquoise was introduced in April 2016 even though the wiki already had its blue color scheme evident in the logo, header and footer elements, as well as the table colors used to this day.

Apart from the Editing guide button on the front page, there is nothing in the current wiki colors I can think of that is anywhere near turquoise.


(blue used for the site elements, Windows turquoise/blue bright, logo blue)

Moreover, most gamers now use Windows 10, and the latest versions of the system allow to set any color for the window borders.
As such, my proposal is to recommend using the hex value of the table color -
#556db3 - instead of the turquoise. The new screenshot example can be this.

While at it, we can also remove the outdated recommendation for Windows 8/8.1, as we do not recommend anything for Windows 7 despite it being the more commonly used system according to Steam Stats.

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If I remember it correctly the color selection of Windows 10 back in 2016 was quite limited, which probably resulted in the chosen color (combined with the Win8 example, perhaps, which also was of a similar shade I think?).

None the less, the stuff could definitely use an update!

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