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Borderlands 3 will use Denuvo Anti-Tamper


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The above screenshot comes from the Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store product page, confirming that the game will make use of Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM. It remains to be seen whether Denuvo may cause performance issues for Borderlands 3. It was previously reported that some users experienced performance increases in Denuvo-free versions of Devil May Cry V. This announcement of Denuvo for Borderlands 3 is particularly disappointing, as we have had several high profile releases on Epic Games Store which are DRM-free, for example Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Journey and Outer Wilds.

Borderlands 3 comes out September 13 2019, and is an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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On 8/15/2019 at 8:55 PM, AlexKVideos1 said:

When will publishers realize that Denuvo doesn't work anymore, games using that are like cracked in days, yet they still shell out tons of money for it.


Alot of recent Denuvo Games are not cracked tho. Heavy Rain and Beyond only run because Quantic included Denuvo into the Demo which was obviously super smart

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