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  1. AlexKVideos1

    Versions/Editions Table

    I noticed for much of the games on the site, it doesn't list the different versions/editions. Like for example, Watch Dogs 2 lists the different editions in the notes for the Availability category. There should be a different chart that just lists those versions instead. Thoughts?
  2. Version v1.1


    The Steam and GOG versions of FlatOut are the v1.0 version. This is the v1.1 patch for FlatOut that works with the digital releases of the game: Steam & GOG. Originally posted by Clya900, the patch was missing 2 files are now included in this download, patch1.bfs, and patch.ini. Without these files, the game would fail to load, and shows a Runtime error. The game now has been tested on the Steam version, and works perfectly fine, however the GOG is untested, but should work just as well. Original patch notes below: FlatOut PC patch v1.1 2004-Dec-10 To install the patch: Copy the Flatout.exe, patch1.bfs and patch.ini files to the root of the install folder (by default this is c:\program files\empire interactive\flatout) and run the game. The following items have been fixed or improved: * Fix for the nVidia 66.93 drivers. The game no longer crashes when a race is started. The game has also been tested up to the 67.03 drivers with no problems found. * Engine fire burns aligned to the car's coordinates, e.g. when the car is upside down, flames go down. * Tuning menu: BHP meter and colors randomly switch when changing profile. * Flip back and forth to statistics screen and the BHP grows bug. * Force feedback slows game in some cases. * 5.1 sound support is not working on some setups. * Disconnects when returning to the lobby in multiplayer games. * When the game briefly minimizes before starting a multiplayer game, sometimes gives a blue screen (this is quite rare, but it does happen sometimes) * Only 2 players can play if NetLimiter is installed. * Bug with public ip detection, if the commandline network options are used. * Enabled a switch to allow the player to turn off ragdoll in single player (located in the Options Menu). * Enabled multiplayer destruction derby.