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Attack on Titan 2 PC pricing is insane


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I'm quite a big fan of Attack on Titan and really enjoy the anime. I've been keeping my eye out on the PC game for quite a while, however it is quite clear that they are taking the piss with the pricing model for this game. Some background:

Attack on Titan 1 was released in August 2016.
Attack on Titan 2 was released in March 2018.

AOT1 does get 50% sales every now and then. However, from what I've read, AOT2 is basically AOT1 with some additional content (and some first person character changes) and makes AOT1 completely redundant. Furthermore AOT2 is basically full price game (£54.99) with the only sale being August 2018 (30% off on Steam) thus far.

On July 5th 2019, they have just released AOT2 DLC called 'Final Battle' which basically covers the entire 3rd season anime content. It's being sold for an eye watering £34.99, which is virtually a 'full priced' game in and of itself.

Of course as PC gamers we expect deep discounts every now and then but we are certainly not entitled to them. If Koei Tecmo want to never deep discount then that's perfectly within their remit. However this pricing structure is basically taking the piss, the cost for the full experience on Steam are:

AOT 1: £49.99
AOT 2: £54.99
Final Battle DLC: £34.99
Total: £139.97

If you bought AOT1, AOT2 and the DLC - this in total might make up the content of 1.5 of a 'full' game.

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While this pricing structure definitely does no favors for existing owners of Attack on Titan 2, the base Attack on Titan 2 is no longer available on Steam. Instead, the only way to purchase the game now is through a £54.99 bundle that includes the base Attack on Titan 2, as well as the Final Battle DLC.

I don't have the exact UK pricing, but in North America, the Final Battle DLC is sold for $39.99. The current bundle is being sold for $59.99, essentially valuing the base game at $19.99.

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