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  1. Just wanted to login and tell you to get fucked. Just because you have selective vision on your internet drama doesn't make one of the two things less wrong. How much money did Tencent give you to shill for them, cunt. The only one with fucked priorities is yourself, kys.
  2. Developers have to stop generating and handing out keys if they don't want to see them been sold on the grey market. Developers have to understand that charge-back and fraudulent key purchase crackdowns have been on the rise since 2014 and the reason for that is why grey market is still a thing. Developers gotta stop price gauging people based on region and maybe then consumers might not be tempted to buy games from other sources. If developers understood why this is a thing, they could have alleviated this situation years ago. But apparently they can't own up to their own faults firs
  3. tinyBuild focus on everything bar improve their company image. I always cringe when I want to support a developer that they decide to pick up. 90% of the time I refuse to go ahead with it.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Extract to root game directory Run 'Patch.bat' as administrator Will ask for backup, this is optional Run game
  5. My theory is Tim has told Deep Silver and 4A to simply do a little housekeeping as possible for the UWP port Because UWP isn't exactly to blame, there are games that run perfectly fine with UWP, because it comes down to who does the bts work. Just more evidence to something we already know. Never support Epic Games, Deep Silver or 4A Games.
  6. I think Kaldaien has put 'self-help' due to the scores of people coming to him when things break, whether it is mod related or not. Since he has involved himself with so many different games you have the full range of low-iq delinquents shouting down at him on Steam and other places. However I agree with your definition of PCGW. Plus getting community bans on steam thanks to mass flagging doesn't make it better for K.
  7. Are they clueless... when there is a demand, release groups will crack their games, regardless of the protection used. Tinybuild always were brain-dead when it comes to piracy and grey market related topics.
  8. If indie developers cared about their keys being sold on the grey market, maybe they should learn to cut back on generating keys to hand out like candy for favors. You'll notice the availability of indie game keys come down to who the developer is, and I roll my eyes at the people screaming about it the loudest since it's always those devs who constantly do giveaways or hand out their game for free 'for review purposes'. Plus, G2A do not force control over the flow of legitimate keys, and really only have a responsibility to crack down on fraudulent purchases which they have done tenfold ov
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