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Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale 2019 starting today - new rewards leaked

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Steam Database, a group known for tracking Steam player counts, tweeted about this year’s Steam summer sale, the “Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale”, stating that it will begin today at 10AM PST on June 25th. The information was found on a Chinese Steam Community forum, SteamCN.

The forum also included details about a new event for the sale, replacing the Steam Trading Cards typically distributed during sales. SteamCN user Cvisy posted a screenshot pertaining to the Grand Prix event.


There is currently no information regarding the purpose of the Grand Prix Boost Meter, nor the correlation between purchases, purchase prices, and Boost Meter points awarded for the purchases.

However, if one were to divide 100,899 by 999 (the current USD price for the Valve Index VR Kit), it can be assumed that $1 USD is equivalent to 101 Grand Prix Boost Meter points. Of course, this is merely speculation, and subject to change.

What are you looking forward to purchasing during the sale? Do you intend to take advantage of whatever new promotion the Grand Prix entails?

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