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Colourblind friendly games


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I'm trying to add some games that are don't have colourblind modes, but the design of the games are colour blind friendly regardless, like in this list: https://gamingph.com/2016/12/list-of-pc-games-with-color-blind-mode-for-colourblind-user/

It doesn't feel right to set this to outright true or false, as the games are already constantly in a colourblind mode, but it doesn't have a specific toggle to turn it on and off ingame.


I thought perhaps setting it to n/a wouuld be a good compromise and then add a note to say it's colourblind friendly. But when I tried to set it to n/a, the n/a icon wouldn't appear, it would just be blank.


Would you be able to add the n/a option to the colourblind section? Or if you have a different idea tell em what to do and I'll add the colourblind friendly games the way you suggest :)


Thanks, Effie

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Hi @Effcol this is actually something we are going to implement and was recently discussed in Discord. You are free to join us in #articles channel - @SirYodaJedi @Rose @BaronSmoki @Garrett and others were discussing it. We may create a new discussion area in Development forum or we may create some more detailed policies. You don't happen to know any gamers that are colourblind we coudl consult?

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