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  1. Could we add these storefronts to the wiki? Or at leaast JAST? They're primarily Visual Novel stores, and have a lot of games on that arn't on Steam or any other storefront, or were taken down/rejected from steam. For example: Katawa Shoujo The Expression Amrilato
  2. Could we add Visual Novel Database (VNDB) links to the game info box? There's a lot of visual novels on PCGamingWiki, but most of them don't have very fleshed out pages, often not having links to necisarry mods, patches and languages, all of which can usually be found on the VNDB. Including the link would make it esier for people who come to the wiki to find info but finding empty pages to be funneled to the right for the info they need. The visual novels that do have had info added to them, such as Steins;gate, do have VNDB linked in the general information links, but I think it mak
  3. My suggestion is to have 3 categories, keep the current 'release date', and add a 'entered early access' and 'left early access', the latter only to be used if you don't enter a date into 'release date'. The 'early access' should include any public closed alphas/betas, etc. For a game like Subnautica that entered early access and then got fully released, these would be used as so: Entered Early Access: December 16, 2014 Release Date: January 23, 2018 for a game like Fallout 4, it would be: Entered Early Access: November 9, 2015 Release Date: November 10, 2015
  4. Ah I forgot OpenCritic only went back to 2015 sorry 😕 Older games in mind, maybe Moby Games would be a good place to get review aggregation from. Looking at their Deus Ex review page, they have both critic and user scores, and have the critic scores going back from time of release up to now, and even segment those reviews out by platform. Seems just right for the wiki to me 🙂
  5. If you do plan on implementing scores, I'd suggest also including OpenCritic scores alongside Metacritic, and perhaps avoiding user scores as they can widely vary over time. Opencritic is intended to be a more open version of metacritic, aiming to have the algorithm behind generating the overall score being more transparent, compared to Metacritic which is completely private about how they calculate their score. The Enhanced/Augmented Steam extension already adds these to Steam pages, which ends up looking like this: In terms of worry that adding review scores would potentially
  6. Another game where a 'cancelled during early access' would be useful for is Halo Online, which was released in beta, but then was then cancelled and shut down whilst still in beta, and is only kept going through modding. Definitely a good idea 🙂
  7. Would it be possible to add an 'Entered Early Access' date as well as the 'Release Dates' for games? Currently if a game is in early access, there's no way of telling when it started early access, and when a game finally gets fully released, then the fact it was in early access is lost because you have to remove 'Early Access' with the release date. Hopefully this wouldn't be a big thing to implement or anything, it just seems clunky to have just 'Early access' until the game gets fully released.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to add some games that are don't have colourblind modes, but the design of the games are colour blind friendly regardless, like in this list: https://gamingph.com/2016/12/list-of-pc-games-with-color-blind-mode-for-colourblind-user/ It doesn't feel right to set this to outright true or false, as the games are already constantly in a colourblind mode, but it doesn't have a specific toggle to turn it on and off ingame. I thought perhaps setting it to n/a wouuld be a good compromise and then add a note to say it's colourblind friendly. But when I tried to set it to n/a, the
  9. Hey, I was just wondering if it would be possible to add the APIs for VR? These are the current and upcoming PC VR APIs: OpenVR OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) Oculus SDK Windows Mixed Reality (The headsets are technically called Windows Mixed Reality Immersive Headsets) OpenXR It would make sense to have both the APIs and headsets as different sections, as different APIs can be be used for different headsets. Plus, it would make it easier to differentiate if a game supports Oculus Rift CV1 or just DK1 or just DK2. As Oculus SDKs before 1.3.2 (i think) only worked on the DK1 and DK2.
  10. This would also be useful for VR support. A lot of VR games have haptic feedback on the their VR controllers, but don't support support gamepads. Because the haptic feedback setting is tied to gamepad, it gets hidden even though the VR controllers do support haptic feedback.
  11. Valve have changed the name of the 'Steam Controller API' to 'Steam Input API'. The wiki still has the old name, could it be updated please? :) https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/steam_controller
  12. Would it be possible to add Viveport to the available stores that you can get games from? Some VR games can only be exclusively got from there, and a lot of VR games are on there as well as Steam. I've already made a store page for it: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Store:Viveport but can't add it to the list of games you can add to the actual game page. Thanks :)
  13. For the VR support, would it be possible to add Windows MR (Mixed Reality) headsets to the list of headsets? All the Windows MR headsets have been released now, SteamVR support has be opened up to the public now too. As not every SteamVR game supports Windows MR it would be good to have them as their own separate category in the headsets section so we can specifically show if they're supported or not. It wouldn't be necessary to list all the headsets, just Windows MR in general. For example, Space Pirate Trainer does have Windows MR support, but Universe Sandbox ² doesn't despite supporting
  14. Looks great!! Thank you for doing that so quickly, I'm adding it to the games I know of now :) I think the pad symbol is great, as it's the most distinctive part of the steam controller. I can't think of any other symbol that would work there instead of the pad, as there's no other unique feature of part of the hardware. And yeah the face buttons are the same as xbox so that would make it confusing for people. So I think it's good as is :) I think the only other suggestions I would have, is perhaps making the 'additional information' section part of the input settings, permanently open. And
  15. Would it be possible to add an option and icon for Steam Controller specific button prompts/glyfs? The Steam Controller's button icons are distinct in several ways from the general xbox buttons, As they have their unique and distinct from the general xbox icons. For example, you can see in the images below the button prompts show icons for unique features and properties of the steam controller, , like the gyro, touchpad's, buttons at the end of the triggers, and grips. There's also a number of games out there that use steam Controller specific prompts, because they've implemented them direct
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