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Part of the still incomplete SecretTech Series. Difficulty - Moderate



  • --No Red Circuit!
    --Two separate puzzles in one building. - One on the bottom floors and one on the top floors.
    --Allows for either (top or bottom) puzzle to be started first.

Objectives -

4 Main Objectives (2 Computers + 2 Prototypes)

1 Secondary (Laptop)


Completion Possible As:



Gatecrashers will ruin the entire experience. Everything else is valid, though no special need for anything.





Building Design -

You probably are noticing a pattern with my designs. At least when it comes to construction, not so much the puzzle. Or at least I hope not the puzzle... Anyway, The similarity here is that it is once again an office tower. The original goal was to make it as pretty as possible and then figure out a puzzle. Which is a bit backwards on what I normally do. I did know from the very start that I wanted to omit the red circuit, to see what kind of level it would be without it.


Puzzle Design -

This level was designed to be two separate puzzles in one. The Green/Blue puzzle and the Pink/Yellow puzzle. The challenge I gave myself was to create the level in such a way as to allow the player the choice on which puzzle to tackle first. You can start at the top and work your way down, or you can start at the bottom and work your way up. Or a combination, if you so choose. The puzzles themselves are fairly linear, though there is no clear pathing and direction. Which, if i did it right, will make figure out the path more satisfying. Because there is no Red Circuit, there is a lot of AI tricking and timing of elevators and some extra thought involved to be non-violent and unseen.


This level has not been thoroughly tested. So comments are helpful.




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Took a moment for the second floor enforcer to react to the alarm but otherwise the level worked well all over. Not sure if there is a resolution for the fourth floor light being on blue and yellow; I see why you did this, but is annoying when errors pop up and having to mess with circuits until something inexplicably works. Having two puzzles rather than a linear path of colors was nice, but I think integration on some final step might be nice so the puzzle feels more cohesive. But, I do think the design of the level aesthetically was great.

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Ah, right. I ment to take the double color light out, the error was not always there but after the last patch it showed up. I will update it... thanks for the catch! It's funny that you say that the two puzzles should have ended with a joint -all colors included- final puzzle. I had a variant that did just this, for the very reason you stated! hooray! Sadly, as I was figuring out what to do and where to place it, I found myself having to cut out two floors of the building. Which made the nice tall building look very short... Overall the two puzzles were very tight and quick. But it ruined the aesthetic "big office tower" feel this version has. I burnt myself out by this point, as I was working on 4 levels at once. Now that I've rested up, I'll take another stab at it. Seems worth doing.

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