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  1. I have had the guard not use the necessary triggers on a few occasions. Though I *thought* they were all resolved before it was posted. If the guard does not run down to the alarm by the elevator, give it a moment and he *should* walk down. Green Vault Help - Make sure to connect the green motion detector to both green vault doors (the one in the basement by you, and the one on the third floor - blocking the guard’s movement. Even if the guard is walking, he should get past the vault door before it closes. Third floor to Fourth Floor Help - There needs to be a delay between the g
  2. This level was done by a friend of mine, and I promised to post it here for him. Simple/Moderate Difficulty No idea what it can be completed as, I normally KO everyone. With gatecrashers. :) Gatecrashers are not built into the level, but their use won't break the level design. MiB.lvl
  3. The trouble lies in the fact that no other guard type but the Pro would see you. Unless you ran right into them, but even that is not that big of a threat when its pitch black. Take a step back and you are once again fine. Suffice it to say that the level is not intended for Gentlemen achievers. I am thrilled that you tried it anyway :) If a way to bring a great challenge to the dark levels without the need for (or very limited need for) guards could be found. That would make the level very very interesting. At the moment the only thing that can be thought of are long hallway runs in pitch
  4. Yes! I want more Vangor levels :)
  5. Ah, right. I ment to take the double color light out, the error was not always there but after the last patch it showed up. I will update it... thanks for the catch! It's funny that you say that the two puzzles should have ended with a joint -all colors included- final puzzle. I had a variant that did just this, for the very reason you stated! hooray! Sadly, as I was figuring out what to do and where to place it, I found myself having to cut out two floors of the building. Which made the nice tall building look very short... Overall the two puzzles were very tight and quick. But it ruined the
  6. I'm glad you liked it! To answer your question, no the guard cannot be saved. Or at least, he is not meant to be saved. As you said, it is done for humor =] But it was also done so if you did not get the last door to trigger, you would not be able to get a second go at it. The original level was a lot more complex, but ended up failing in the end (too complex, kept losing track of what needed to happen next). However, there is a lot more that can still be done with this concept. I would love to see what other people can come up with using this level design. It would be very possible to p
  7. Part of the still incomplete SecretTech Series. Difficulty - Moderate -Features/Design- --No Red Circuit! --Two separate puzzles in one building. - One on the bottom floors and one on the top floors. --Allows for either (top or bottom) puzzle to be started first. Objectives - 4 Main Objectives (2 Computers + 2 Prototypes) 1 Secondary (Laptop) Completion Possible As: Gatecrashers will ruin the entire experience. Everything else is valid, though no special need for anything. Design: Building Design - You probably are noticing a pattern with my designs. At least
  8. Prototype build - so not all things may function perfectly Objective - Find a way to get to the Terminal using the guard (A.I.). Equipment - You need to use Gatecrashers! Difficulty - Medium/Hard May require a few restarts before you find a successful pattern, hence the partial difficulty being Hard. You only have 1 guard so make it count! Build - I wanted to expand on the level where you have access to most of the circuits at the start of the level. Originally, you lead the guard to the bottom floor, which let you in and then you would simply walk over to the termi
  9. Proof Of Concept level/Prototype - Which means its a simple puzzle but may break or not work as intended. Objective - You cannot see a single thing inside the building. Once inside, use your Crosslink to help navigate the building and reach the computer on the 3rd floor. This level is fairly easy in its own right. Here is a crosslink view of the level. A normal screenshot would not show anything.... Design - There are (or should be) three areas inside the building that are not completely pitch black. This is done on purpose. Think of them as checkpoints. Sadly there are two trap
  10. I am working on a variant to this level and one of the changes involve removing the top-most guard. He seems to be there unnecessarily (only to ramp up the difficulty of Gentleman) and is just asking to be crunched under a vault door. Though overall i'm OK with anyone that crushes a guard (or guards) under a vault door in order to pass the area. Honestly, I assumed everyone would take the first opportunity to shove any and all guards out the window. There are a lot of windows. Thanks for your feedback! -Trmofnor Update: [Variant Added!]
  11. Part of the still incomplete SecretTech Series. . . Medium Difficulty Main Objectives: 6 Secondary Objectives: 1 Can be completed as: Gentleman Ghost Ninja Gatecrashers may be used, not recomended. The level was built with them in mind, but will render the first few steps of the puzzle moot. The Hushcracker upgrade is not required, but its use was designed into the level. This particular puzzle attempts to toy with a 'Nested Circuitry' design. Which means that a few of the objective terminals will need two different color circuits to complete. If I did it right, the top two
  12. Trmofnor

    Terminal 1

    Played it again to try to remember how it went. From what I gather, you have to turn off the light on that level. The guard should then start moving towards the light switch, unlocking the door for you. If he did not move after clicking the lights off try to click the lights back on and then off again. Guards often start walking around after doing that. *click click click* :) Last-ditch effort would be gatecrashers. I won't tell anyone.
  13. I've been using this tool a lot lately. Its a very very helpful way to make massive changes. The duplicate feature will help reduce the time it takes to put together a level. Nice!
  14. I really liked the underground purple section of the map. Overall it has good pacing. My only crituqe is that the first tower (blue tower) is far more satisfying in puzzle/avoidance than the second (brown) tower. As far as your challenge goes, you can crosslink the normal guard's gun (in the room with the purple circuit) to the enforcer's gun (the one facing the professional just behind the purple vault door). Then, with the purple camera attached to the purple vault door, point the gun at the normal guard -> walk into camera's view (opening the purple vault door) and let the normal gu
  15. I liked this one. Worth playing. Nice work!
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