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  1. I initially did not realize I had to have everything hooked up before starting the guard. But, all in all, took me maybe five or six solid attempts.
  2. Wow, this is awesome. Really was a tremendous amount of thought put in to not only force the guard to trigger vaults for you but to manipulate his behavior into triggering himself down the building. Just enough materials to work with to require using basically everything, which is great, and to be setup well before hand. One thing, is there a way to finish the level without him knocking himself out on the yellow door, or is this just meant for humor? Still completed, just got nonlethal instead of gentleman, and don't think I can react fast enough to leap, wirejack, crosslink, disconnect motion
  3. Took a moment for the second floor enforcer to react to the alarm but otherwise the level worked well all over. Not sure if there is a resolution for the fourth floor light being on blue and yellow; I see why you did this, but is annoying when errors pop up and having to mess with circuits until something inexplicably works. Having two puzzles rather than a linear path of colors was nice, but I think integration on some final step might be nice so the puzzle feels more cohesive. But, I do think the design of the level aesthetically was great.
  4. Like the new decor. I'll have to start messing around with the new id codes.
  5. Interesting with the concept with use of the dark zones to obscure, and I too am a little disappointed with the inability to alter zone sizes to better sculpt the levels. Is simple enough if you venture through eliminating the guards. Tried without, but syncing a guard triggered motion detector, trap door, leap up a floor, guard turned away, switch, guard turned back, mad dash, leap up a floor, guard turned away, and overhang out of view verges on the impossible. Doubt that was your intention since this is a concept for dark, but thought would make mention of my gentlemanly attempts.
  6. Believe you pulled off your idea quite well. Took me a little bit of thought when getting gentleman, ghost, and ninja since I avoid door KOs, gatecrashers, or use of the hushcracker, but didn't find myself frustrated when creating timing chains for the vault doors. However, terminals which two colors appeared to be required were: right top terminal only outside of disconnecting the alarms which wouldn't serve a purpose but to maintain ninja. Overall enjoyed, especially the less obvious progression. Perhaps my only thought is the enforcers remain vulnerable to the vault doors. Not sure how
  7. Vangor

    Terminal 1

    Wow, somehow I never noticed the motion detector. Also played four more times, and had the enforcer not leave only once. Not sure why.
  8. Vangor

    Terminal 1

    Yeah, guard wouldn't come through, even after repeated clicking the lights on and off, so I had to use devices to draw him out. Other suggestions would be to allow another entry point because the only way to start with any reasonable success is the second floor window on the left side; trying to evade the enforcer while timing the patrols on the first and second floors for the right side is rather difficult.
  9. The level was interesting, but there were repeated errors when I attempted to connect to security panels (was testing the limits of the rainbow circuits), and then random ones for connecting switches to switches and such; appears as though two colors on one crosslink is fine, connecting a red switch to a red/green object, but more than this on a full crosslink, green/purple switch to red/green object, for instance, has a higher chance of causing the errors. As well, while none of the rainbow circuits caused me error, as I was able to remove all links without issue and manipulate anything i
  10. Vangor

    Terminal 1

    Outside of using the Longshot, I could not figure out how to have the enforcer in the terminal room open the door for me. Am I missing something?
  11. Was quick with a couple of ways to solve, able to be done without violence or glass breaking. Good use of the alarm. Only issue is the second laptop on the computer terminal simply appeared to be a computer terminal to me, so even when I scanned to assure I had gotten what I thought was the only laptop on the shelving I missed and had to locate in the editor. Also, the name places %28 and %29 for the parenthesis, just a minor detail. To resolve the issue Rob and Trmofnor said, remove at least one the right window on one of the central floors where the terminals are located. Having the wind
  12. I'll check into what I can do for the brown tower. Thinking a professional near yellow circuit without the blue socket might increase this a little. Will think of something else. As long as the solution requires access to the purple circuit, I have no issue and think your solution is brilliant. Certainly don't want to limit how someone could beat the level inasmuch as I do not want the majority of the level to be avoidable. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Tried and successfully completed all seven. Took a bit of waiting on several levels when minimizing violence due to different circuits for light on the same floor and plenty of glass; not a bad thing, but did make violence all the more appealing. As well, the outside circuits threw me each time because I am just not accustomed to looking outside of the structures for anything except perhaps the obvious cameras. Final observation overall is there are many sparse areas. On Level 1: A little disappointed in the requirement to break at least a pane of glass. Certainly willingness to break glas
  14. Interesting level, but several strange crosscircuit switches I don't think are necessary. One important fact is there is no direct way out of the thin, third floor with the servers or whatever, where an enforcer patrols and another guards the door in the back. No switches on any of the colors you have available, and the only way out is to shoot the enforcer from behind and using gatecrashers.
  15. Greetings Gunpoint Fans, First attempt with a custom level in order to get a proper mind for level planning, links, guard mechanics, etc. Hoping some changes to level sizing, zone sizing, limiting equipment (...gatecrashers), and elevator pathways will allow me to expand on the concept much further. As well, upon discovering a zone will darken the backdrop, I expanded the brown tower to encompass a normal zone, and, due to the sheer amount of decor, wall pieces, etc., used plus stairwell location, you will notice uneven spacing of the overhang as I chose not to shift either tower; supposed
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