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Net Market shortcut after installing Diablo Hellfire?


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Wow blast from the past, 1998-era stuff. I love this guy's tone and reaction to have an unsolicited desktop icon added to his computer, he'd have a heart attack if he bought a new Acer or Asus laptop with all the bundled crapware on it.


What you have done is different.  You didn't place your message 

harmlessly in my mailbox, you nailed it on my living room wall.  I thought I 
was simply installing a program that I purchased, but you hid in the 
installation program and reprogrammed my computer to your advantage.  I had 
never heard of your company, and in fact have no interest at all in buying 
things on the internet from you or anyone else.  You didn't ask me if you 
could put an icon on my desktop, and if you had, the answer would have been 
no.  So you see, you should not be apologizing for sending me junk mail, you 
should be apologizing for burglarizing my home.  If I invaded your computers 
in the same way, you would undoubtedly refer to me as a "hacker", not an 


Anyway a Sierra advertising shortcut sounds about right as Hellfire was published by them and not Blizzard.

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