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Your newest minion in the cause of "FIX ALL THE PC GAMES!"

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Yep, new guy. Is there any way to do these "I'm a new guy who just signed up and already has a bajillion ideas on how to contribute" posts that doesn't feel weird and awkward?


Anyways, found this site through a Kotaku post. My first response was (manly) tears of joy with my second being "Why in the world has nobody thought or done this before?!".


And oh boy, do I have things to do here! A lot of my games seem to have stubs, old, or no pages at all in the wiki, with LEGO Island and Battle for Middle-earth games being the prominent ones I intend to fix. I've also found a variety of great stuff. Tunngle, an excellent gaming VPN that is superior to Hamachi, seems to have virtually no presence on the wiki. I've also found a cloud file sync service called SugarSync that is superior to Dropbox because it can sync ANY folder you choose. Even got a little program that fixes color fixes in old games like Age of Empires without the need to do silly workarounds like killing explorer.exe or whatever.



Going forward, I should be helpful in a lot of places. My gaming interests spans both old and new, indie and AAA, and all genres. I play what I find interesting, and I love variety. I got some good specs too, which means I can really push the AAA titles. For science, of course.

  • [*:tuvres09]AMD Phenom II X6
    [*:tuvres09]two GeForce GTX 560 Ti cards in SLI
    [*:tuvres09]16 GB of DDR3 RAM (overkill, sure, but I love running virtual machines for fun)
    [*:tuvres09]SSDs (which the games are installed on).

I play on Windows, but I'm toying with the idea of running Linux on the side in the future to help out with that side of things.


That's about all I have to say. Continue being awesome, people.

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