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Jeth Calark

Your newest minion in the cause of "FIX ALL THE PC GAMES!"

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Yep, new guy. Is there any way to do these "I'm a new guy who just signed up and already has a bajillion ideas on how to contribute" posts that doesn't feel weird and awkward?


Anyways, found this site through a Kotaku post. My first response was (manly) tears of joy with my second being "Why in the world has nobody thought or done this before?!".


And oh boy, do I have things to do here! A lot of my games seem to have stubs, old, or no pages at all in the wiki, with LEGO Island and Battle for Middle-earth games being the prominent ones I intend to fix. I've also found a variety of great stuff. Tunngle, an excellent gaming VPN that is superior to Hamachi, seems to have virtually no presence on the wiki. I've also found a cloud file sync service called SugarSync that is superior to Dropbox because it can sync ANY folder you choose. Even got a little program that fixes color fixes in old games like Age of Empires without the need to do silly workarounds like killing explorer.exe or whatever.



Going forward, I should be helpful in a lot of places. My gaming interests spans both old and new, indie and AAA, and all genres. I play what I find interesting, and I love variety. I got some good specs too, which means I can really push the AAA titles. For science, of course.

  • [*:tuvres09]AMD Phenom II X6
    [*:tuvres09]two GeForce GTX 560 Ti cards in SLI
    [*:tuvres09]16 GB of DDR3 RAM (overkill, sure, but I love running virtual machines for fun)
    [*:tuvres09]SSDs (which the games are installed on).

I play on Windows, but I'm toying with the idea of running Linux on the side in the future to help out with that side of things.


That's about all I have to say. Continue being awesome, people.

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Definitely. Older games tend to have solutions buried deep in obscure places on the internet, so you have to really dig to find them. And said solutions tend to be on people's personal websites or such, which have a high risk of completely disappearing.

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