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  1. Used to be a regular over at Revora back in my teenage years. It's a modding community known mostly for its member's efforts on mods for Command & Conquer, Battle for Middle-earth, and Petrolution (SW: Empire at War, at the time) games.
  2. 6,032 downloads

    Exactly what the description says. The patcher was originally downloaded from someone's personal Dropbox that was linked to in the wiki article for the game. I uploaded it here for posterity and preservation. It's based on the code for the Age of Empires 2 widescreen patch. A thorough ReadMe document is given to explain what needs to be with the contents of the zip file.
  3. Pretty much what I was thinking. I'd also suggest that this advice be added to the editing guide.
  4. The wiki article for Call of Duty: World at War mentions that the game "requires PunkBuster update to play on protected servers which is no longer hosted on EvenBalance's website" but provides no fix for this issue. A fix is available on a clan forum thread linking to a MediaFire zip file upload. Since something like a MediaFire upload from a personal account is susceptible to disappearing easily, I uploaded the fix to PCGW's Files. Obviously, I'd like to update the wiki article with the fix and its zip file. For downloading the file, which is the preferable source to link the reader to: the f
  5. 3,917 downloads

    Since PunkBuster dropped support for Call of Duty: World at War, any fresh install of the game won't have the necessary files to play multiplayer and will be kicked from every server with various error messages. This fix contains the last supported PB update for Call of Duty: World at War. Extract the "pb" folder from the zip file and copy to the game's install folder, overwriting the original "pb" folder and its files and subfolders. This fix was originally found and downloaded from a thread on the Bad Karma clan forum site, which itself pointed to a MediaFire link.
  6. It may not be $600, but you can tell him I just purchased all of his music. (Thanks for the link, ThunderKnight!)
  7. Okay, someone needs to tell me the name of that awesome song on the SCIENCE! page.
  8. A misunderstanding of mine (based off some old, untouched article) was what made me initially assume we listed cheats. Logically, however, I don't want them included unless they are needed to help the game run.
  9. Now if only the Batman games drop that nasty Securom, and Halo games show up on Steam. One can hope now....
  10. I'd like to add that another good key point is where newer/HD versions of games exist. Age of Empires II is a nice example; a good key point on its page states that a Steam version with many essential tweaks, fixes, and modern upgrades exists. Thus, most people would be more interested in that instead of the classic one.
  11. Well, those keys are simply not there at all under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE locations. Huh. Anyways, say I want to create a reg key that adds and changes all those options to the ones I like, instead of having to manually set each and every one of them ingame each time I install it. Do I send them under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and they later get moved to their correct position under HKEY_USER\(my unique number)?
  12. I'll get one eventually and probably several years down the road, and I'll do so for only one reason: to play the next Halo game. But then again, I might pass. Painful as it was, I eventually divorced myself from the prospect of playing Halo multiplayer (which I love, but paying $60 a year for the multiplayer of just one game at a time is too much). I'm mostly in it now to keep up with the story, so I may just kindly ask a friend for usage of their console.
  13. Not a troubleshooting problem per se, but this seemed like the best subforum to stick it under. Went digging for the locations of certain Age of Empires settings that are only found in the registry and found them. HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1152256913-255964665-2690924538-1000\Software\Microsoft\Games\Age of Empires\1.00 I'm not sure however if the "S-1-5-21..." part is exactly the same for every computer (or even every install). Anyone here willing to install Age of Empires, run it, and double check that registry path? As soon as I settle that, I'll add this information to the wiki pag
  14. That makes sense. Probably should add that to the template page as a reference.
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