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Far Cry Classic: Various Rendering Issues


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I picked up Far Cry Classic on GOG a while back.  Sadly, my AMD card seems to hate this game with a passion, and I haven't found a solution as of yet.  It seems to be lighting-related, as enemies are invisible when not lit but visible when shooting (aka lit by their weapons).


If it helps, here's an annotated video clip.


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While the FarCryConfigurator.exe seems to be completely worthless once you've installed the game for the first time, the in-game options worked when I set the game to High Lighting instead of Very High.  With that and the 64-bit/ECU patches, it works at a solid 90-170 FPS.  There's something odd about the water reflections, but it's nothing game-breaking.


Oh, and I also had to switch back to DirectX 9.  On the 32-bit version, DX9 gave me a black screen, and OGL gave me the display I linked earlier in the thread.  It seems you need to run OGL at least once before DX9 works.


Thanks for all the help, everything's fixed now.

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