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I have no idea, but honestly Origin performance wise behaves way better than Steam does anyway, I don't see why it should be removed entirely. Outcome seems really pointless to me but I have no idea how it might work, I honestly would stay away from it. I would remove any mentions of it in the wiki too just to be safe.

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My stupid edits keep getting deleted, these boards can be really annoying sometimes. Anyway Outcome is probably safe to use, but I have no idea what security risks it might pose, which is why I would stay away from it and not even bother. I have no idea how the data is handled by Outcome, I would use a throwaway account if I were you, just in case you wanted to test it.


I know this sounds absurd but, I have no idea if this thing could be possibly hiding some kind of timebomb or something, if the program was open source then sure whatever, I would check the source and build it myself, that wouldn't really make it any safer but, I have no idea what the author has in mind, I've seen legit programs turning rogue way too often, and I've kinda become a bit paranoid and wary of it.

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I asked since it's mentioned on some Origin-only game pages such as Battlefield Hardline and from a glance it looks like cracked client(similar to Steam ones) or something.

I don't really need it myself as Origin is fine for me so dunno if this is some placebo or something.

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And both are allowing pirated copies to have online play from what I've seen. That doesn't fill me with any confidence.

There is still no 100% guaranteed way to know for sure that EA is okay with this. You can't even know what exactly it does without source.

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Ok, project rome allows pirated copies... because.. you know, there's no DRM.

So with no way to control who plays what, it's not the server emulator to blame.


With venice unleashed on the other hand, you are wrong twice.

First, you can't play the game without having first authorized it. Perhaps you don't notice, perhaps you believe "Origin" (the application) is the DRM, but it is not.

Second, as an additional security mechanism, you even have to link your emulator nexus account with the Origin one. And I don't see EA giving its API to every Tom.

Third, there are even DICE employers enlisted for the game. I'd like to provide you a written reference, but the infographic with this information is down. I really regret you'll have to take my word.


Last, considering we are already discussing a related matter here, it's really sad when I hear these kind of arguments.

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Outcome is not game-specific, so it should be mentioned on the overall Origin page (if at all) rather than on every game it could apply to. Origin's overlay and cloud syncing features can be disabled if compatibility issues occur (just like Steam) so Outcome probably wouldn't be a required fix for any particular issues with Origin games.


As for piracy concerns I don't know whether Outcome assists with that since it does prompt for a valid login for that game before patching out the launcher check.

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Good point.

Putting it under essential improvements is indeed wrong (but probably a remnant of the era with no other information section)


Though, you can't just throw it in the Origin page.

A mention (for example in the availability table notes) would be nice, especially to tell the reader whether he could use Outcome, just patch .par, or even better the game is DRM free

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