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Found 4 results

  1. Version v0.2.1


    Now presenting... GridMTFix A Race Driver: Grid Multithread Fix. A little insight The game was launched on 2008, just prior to Intel's Sandy Bridge Core microarchitecture , which more or less marked a milestone on multithreading as we all know it nowadays. So given that circunstance, the game already has support for 2 and 4 cores CPU, mostly from the Dual and Quad Core era. It even has a non-working 8 core support implemented (in fact, the 8 core worker map file is there, but the game won't make use of it on modern hardware and implements it weirdly). EGO engine it has been vastly used on several titles from Codemasters, so I did a little investigation on other EGO 1.0 and 1.5 titles, and came up with a fix for that 8 core workermap. Upon testing, I realized that the workermap could be extrapolated to more cores, so I made several other worker map files to support 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 cores. I don't really know how much better the game will perform, but at least It won't hurt as much as being only using 4 cores max. Also, this method fixes several other hardware detection problems as: Improper resolution detection Improper system internal rating Adds more granularity on the graphics settings What exactly does this fix? Well, it downloads Steamless , NTCore's Patcher to patch the EXE file, then downloads my modded files, and copies my fix xml files to your game's system folder, and then using a template, will detect your CPU's logical cores, and create a personalized hardware restriction file, to make your the game uses the most amount of cores possible. Important Requirement This scripts is (v0.2.1) online, so it will download the necesary files to patch your game, and then clean the installation. So an online connection is needed to apply the patch now. GOG Release / Retail versions / Zoom Release Gog release is already DRMless, so you only have to apply the 4GB LAA Patch. Use NTCore's 4GB Patch tool to patch the exe file and you are good to continue with the other steps of this document. Use the v0.2.1 release now, be sure to select the GOG exe. It will automatically patch the exe file with the NTCore 4GB patch, and apply the MTFix. Steam Release Steam release has DRM, so if you apply the 4GB LAA Patch to it, it will fail. You have to remove it's DRM using atom0s Steamless tool and then, use the NTCore's 4GB Patch tool to patch the exe file. It's mandatory doing it in this exact order. Then, continue with this instructions. Use the v0.2.1 release now, be sure to select the Steam exe. It will automatically remove the DRM with Steamless, patch the exe file with the NTCore 4GB patch, and apply the MTFix. How to apply the fix If you already have the requirements above done, the fix is easy to apply. 1-Download the fix Download the file "GridMTFix_XXX.exe" (being XXX your selected flavour) and paste it on the main Race Driver Grid folder, just near the grid.exe file. The other zip files from the download are for backup purposes. Ignore them. 2-Execute GridMTFix_XXX.exe Let it do its things 3-Run the game and reconfigure it. Your settings should be gone. Set them up again. If everything works, you can now play Race Driver: Grid making the most out of your hardware. * Strong Recommendation I really encourage you to pair this fix with DXVK from Doitsujin if your GPU is Vulkan capable. On my system I go from 180fps in race with D3D9 to 285fps with Vulkan. Give it a try!! Check my Github for more info, this script is open source!
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    Article: Race Driver: Grid
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    Article: Race Driver: Grid
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