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What's your PC game of the year from 2013?

By Andytizer on Dec 21 2013 11:15 AM in Questions
Tell us what you think your favourite PC game from 2013 is. Remember to link to the relevant PCGamingWiki article if possible. Ports and PC exclusives are welcome, and people are encouraged to enter their list of runner up games too.


The latter half of this year saw my free time completely reduced by work and family commitments, so I've hardly had time to play any games which feels awful as my GOTY list looks paltry.


My game of the year is BioShock Infinite. Despite massive hype followed by vehement criticism about its gameplay and linearity, I still found myself really sucked into the game and its story and loved its cinematic and metaphysical moments. Looking forward to catching up on the DLC over the Christmas break.


This is closely followed by Dota 2, made publicly available this week. I haven't played a huge deal of it, but just enough to be able to follow The International and to get into esports in a way that I've never done before in my life, and it's really changed my outlook on how big and exciting these gaming communities can get.


If I had time to play more games I'd probably be able to list a bunch more.. in my queue are games like Gone Home, Papers Please, Rogue Legacy and Risk of Rain all of which I've heard really good things about. Perhaps if I get to any of these before the end of 2013 I'll add them to my GOTY list :).

Mine definitely has to be BioShock Infinite. It had such a compelling story that I was left depressed at the end of it and didn't know what else to do. Admittedly the combat was a bit tedious at times (along with the stupid bullet sponges, I'm looking at you Handyman). The graphics were stunning and the ending left me in awe. I think I'll go as far to say this was one of the best games of the last decade.


Second for me has to be Tomb Raider (2013). The reboot was visually stunning and the story was thrilling. I haven't had a chance to finish it yet (my main computer recently died) but I can't wait to!


Other games I've enjoyed this year include Papers Please and Starbound.


I can't wait for next year! I'd love to see some sci-fi games (I friggin' love that genre!) or some post-apocalyptic games.

Suicide machine
Dec 21 2013 02:41 PM

Well, it seems like my favourite game of this year was Payday 2. Not a surprise, really. Despite simplicity and lack of synergy of first Payday, I've spent over 100hrs in it and I've been looking forward to Payday 2, ever since Overkill announced it, at the same hoping they're going to expend on the idea of classes, stealth and many aspects of first game - and sure enough, they did. While, after 146hrs of it, I got a bit tired of playing it (there isn't really much to do, once you reach level 100), what I've spent playing it with friends, surely was the best time I've ever had playing COOP game - with a plenty of screw ups and epic moments. Payday 2 not only turned out to be a cool shooter with amazing shooting mechanics, but it also  turned out to be a decent stealth game. It's only a bit bad, the price of a game was raised so much comparing to first Payday. But a fair, challenging COOP shooter - that's a rarity! And that awesome music of Simon Viklund.


The 2nd game, I'd have to mention is Tomb Raider (2013). While, I have never finished any Tomb Raider game (despite owning an full anthology box) and being very afraid that TR may end up being too QTE heavy (I'm very allergic towards it), I was pleasantly surprised this was actually not a case. While there are quite a few QTEs in a game, I found them to be very natural and they never pulled me out from enjoying the experience (unlike QTEs in most games). Sadly, storyline ended up being a bit crappy, but as long as there was an element of mystery - it did a decent job. Shooting, platforming as well as simply exploration was always very satisfying and just like at the beginning of a year, I wasn't looking forward to a Tomb Raider reboot, prequel, thingy - now, I'm very interested in seeing what Crystal Dynamics can do with this franchise. Of course, we can not forget Nixxes here, which once again managed to deliver with another high quality PC port (admittedly, with a few problems).


Can't wait for 2014 and Dark Souls 2. I also hope that Wolfenstein: The New Order takes the torch of an oldschool, singleplayer shooters that were present this year and carries it in 2014 along with (hopefully) other shooters. I hope. I need more titles like Shadow Warrior (2013)... and less Call of Duty.

This was a bit of a poopy year for PC, since there weren't that many good games on PC. GTA V was amazing, but that's on console.


I'm gonna go with Bioshock: Infinite. I liked it, but it was way too short. Still, it doesn't begin to compare to GTA V.

some post-apocalyptic games.

Fallout 4 and Wasteland 2, huh?

Being part of the herd, and not feeling particularly verbose this morning, I'd have to say Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. 

Brutal Doom v19. What do you mean, that's not a legitimate answer? It's aboslutely legit!

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I did have play some great PC games last year, unfortunately none of them were released in 2013! As has been said already, it wasn't an amazing year for PC gaming. 2014, however, looks like its going to be insane :D

Mine has to be The last of Us :D maybe the AI is a bit well... bad but everything was great! :P

To me it has be without a shread of a doubt, Shadow Warrior 2013. The combat is so good and it gives you a  lot of freedom.

Mar 30 2014 03:02 AM

Fuckin System Shock 2.  Yes, it counts!

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Apr 01 2014 06:34 AM

Tied between Metro Last Light, Tomb Raider and FC3 Blood Dragon

Metro Last Light, and Batman Arkham Origins!

It was a big year. TR, ACIV and Bioshock Infinite are amazing games. But Shadow Warrior is almost perfect. I can't get over the fact that it doesn't have multiplayer. That's the only thing missing to make it a perfect game.

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