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  1. Very interesting, thanks for the article. The lack of performance gain between SSD and RAM is quite surprising! I would have also been interested if it made any difference to fps?
  2. Dzsono

    GOG.com announces GOG.com Galaxy client

    Yeah, having the option whether or not to use the client is what's really important to me. I'm offline quite a lot and I'd prefer a system that's more reliable than Steam ^_^
  3. Dzsono

    PC Report: Dark Souls 2

    Great port report. Thanks for your efforts :)
  4. Dzsono

    PC Report: Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

    Indeed they did! Too bad it's not a very good game :(
  5. Here's a useful video about bottlenecking and its real-world implications. I think you'll be able to decide for yourself afterwards what you should do :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAgpvWc4VBM
  6. Dzsono

    What's your PC game of the year from 2013?

    I did have play some great PC games last year, unfortunately none of them were released in 2013! As has been said already, it wasn't an amazing year for PC gaming. 2014, however, looks like its going to be insane :D
  7. Dzsono

    PS4 Gamers Unite

    Sorry, I don't speak Playstation :S
  8. Seems like an arbitrary limitation to prevent people from loading the game with less than 6gb RAM. All other games just let you start the game and have crappy performance.
  9. Dzsono

    Steam Holiday and Autumn Sale dates leaked

    Discounts drive sales. I suppose there might be a situation where someone might hold off buying during the first sale with hopes of a bigger discount during Christmas. But with this information we know that isn't necessary.
  10. Dzsono

    Witcher 3 to be DRM-free

    It's always nice to see things official, but I think we all knew this would be the case. Although, I'm still waiting for another AAA IP to catch the DRM-free fever.
  11. Excellent, this is exactly as I'd hoped. May this not be the last game they patch!
  12. Dzsono

    Valve announce Steam Machines prototype specs

    I wonder if users will have to pay a large premium for pre-built hardware? At this point, I'd much rather build my own. Still, it's nice to see they haven't messed around with the specifications and put some decent horsepower under the bonnet!
  13. Excellent. Let's hope this is a taste of things to come!
  14. Almost everything that isn't PC exclusive really. Others have made good points about graphical optimisations, graphical options, framerate locks and mouse acceleration. However, my complaint is with clearly controller driven menu systems. They are inefficient, clunky and barely fit enough information on the screen because the text needs to be so large for TV screens. Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't menu adaptation be one of the easiest parts of the porting job?
  15. Dzsono

    Valve announces Steam Controller

    At first I thought this was satire! I'm going to need a moment to adjust...