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  1. Warps the menu background a little bit and causes some weird thing to appear at the bottom right of the minimap.. but at least it works. And hey, if we make it go back to 16:9 it actually zooms out so we can see more of the game world! ..which further distorts the menu backgrounds. Oh well. Would still prefer devs not to be stupid about game design; especially UE4 which fully supports arbitrary resolutions out of the box. Someone's probably already tried it, but I've gotta see if the aspect ratio control setting works via .ini edit.. Nope..
  2. This just looks like a remade SW: The Force Unleashed. With extra Vaseline. Seriously, I've never seen 4K footage look like 720p until now. TAA is ruining games ontop of the already bad developer design decisions.. but I digress. We all wanted a new Jedi Academy, right? Sad we're not getting one.. *sigh*
  3. Proof of the internal rendering resolution should be in your eyes. :) It's been fixed now as of the experimental build update last night (at an expected performance hit), so it won't matter once the patch hits the stable branch. VSync's buffering is verifiable by just using it. If your game's framerate drops below your monitor's refresh rate at any time, even by 1 FPS, it will go to HALF the refresh rate if the game is using double buffering. If it's triple buffering, it will drop to 59FPS instead of shooting to 30, for example. Triple buffering introduces some input lag, but it's the accepted method of vsync as a halving of the framerate is pretty much unacceptable. And yeah, we don't really know what the degrees of the FoV options are unless we test it (can get a rough estimation if you do the camera rotation thing. Look at a specific spot, note where the side of the screen is, move the camera so it's on the other side of the screen, count how many moves it takes to do a full 360° rotation, do some math guesstimation). The numbers are definitely arbitrary though, as they don't make sense for hFoV or vFoV. I myself set it to 140 in the config file, which makes it be around 100 ingame. The stock "100" makes me sick, which I believe is around 65°. As for the mods, yeah, I was mentioning it in passing in case anyone read down here. I'm sure some will get added to the wiki if the developer doesn't change things.
  4. The FoV isn't in degrees, it's in some arbitrary number. 100 FoV in the settings menu is like 70 at most in actuality. Vsync is double buffered which is why the performance drops with it on, need to force triple buffering. No need to disable it and get awful tearing. And the FPS cap should be as high as it can go, since it's also bugged and limits it to 83% of its set value. Also, check out these mods to disable some awful effects and fix the internal rendering resolution (which doesn't seem to have been mentioned) and even get rid of that 'click hold' thing: http://nomansskymods.com
  5. DAOWAce

    New skin - PCGamingWiki: Overclocked

    Can't change the appearance anymore, huh? I've always reverted back to the old MediaWiki look because I prefer it over the new-gen bloated mobile stuff that websites keep getting changed to. Unfortunately, that option is gone on PCGW, so it looks like I'm going to have to live with this new redesign. Loads much faster, yes, but from a usability and visual standpoint, it's much worse to me. I'd rather have a delayed page load than discomfort when viewing the site (though thankfully the article pages didn't change too much). Even the font causes me some minor eye strain (Windows/Pale Moon); is there any way to change this on my end?
  6. DAOWAce

    PC Report: Dark Souls 2

    Moving the mouse very slowly or zooming in with a bow shows mouse acceleration is active. It's a bit jittery with certain movements, but otherwise it's alright. At least it feels like a mouse this time instead of an analog stick.
  7. DAOWAce

    Steam Holiday and Autumn Sale dates leaked

    What's the point of the first sale if the later one has no differences?
  8. DAOWAce

    Valve announce Steam Machines prototype specs

    ..Some units with a Titan? Jesus. Props to Valve for having such high standards, even going with an 80Plus GOLD power supply. Most pre-built high-end gaming machines come with bronze PSUs, which boggles my mind. I feel they should up the higher-end machines between 500-550W just for headroom (some games can peg hardware like stress test applications) and capacitor aging. Would love to see a bigger drive or a dedicated SSD, but they've picked the best possible combination since 2 separate drives would just be prone to configuration errors. (Now to yell at Seagate for having a puny 8GB SSD cache on their drives when it can barely fit most big game files in it, constantly overwriting old cached data. Again, another mind boggle.)
  9. DAOWAce

    What are the worst PC ports you've ever played?

    Saints Row 2. Dark Souls was only a bad port for the fact that it had reverse mouse acceleration and was locked to 1024x720 @ 30FPS. The mouse issue was fixed (as best as it could be at any rate) by a mod (dsmfix, or by using a controller, which is strongly recommended due to the way the combat system works), while the video issues were fixed by another mod (dsfix). The stereo issue was a problem too, but was fixed in an official patch. The devs didn't know how to use multi-core CPUs properly, so it only ran on 1 single core, which hampered performance for some people or those using crazy high settings via dsfix. Other than that, the game was -very- stable, never crashing once, not corrupting save files, etc. It performed very well in that regard. Hell, it ran BETTER than the PS3 version, that's saying something. Saints Row 2 on the other hand.. it just wasn't playable, whatsoever, and nothing could be done to change that short of trying it on a completely different system and hoping it was actually playable. I heard such good things about SR2 yet I have never been able to play it. There's other bad or otherwise poor PC ports which escape my mind (though a few were mentioned), so if I remember them I'll update. Generally anything capped to 30FPS is something that causes outcry from PC gamers, and for good reason. Most of those games I haven't even played, and most of them are usually decent to good games. Some were fixed via a mod, others remain unplayable for people like me, who cannot play anything below 60FPS anymore.