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About This File

Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/197050/190000/fileinfo/Unreal-Tournament-3-Titan-Pack-Expansion


This is the Titan Pack expansion/patch for Unreal Tournament 3. It provides a massive overhaul to the game and is available for free.


This download is not required for Unreal Tournament 3 Black Edition as it already comes with it pre-installed.


As the actual patch notes are too big to fit here, they have been included in the download as a README file.


Note that this pack requires the game to be patched to v2.0 (Patch 4) or later before installing it. A download link for the latest patch can be found on the Unreal Tournament 3 wiki page.



  • Major enhancements to Server Browser.
  • Visual and menu flow overhaul for improved usability of user interface.
  • Significant AI improvements, especially in vehicle gametypes.
  • Client-side demo recording support.
  • Improved networking performance.
  • Midgame map, game type, and mutator voting support.
  • Award system using Steam Achievements.
  • Improved mod support.


New Content Added:


  • Two new game modes, one new mutator, two new characters (both previously Xbox 360 exclusives), two new deployables, one new powerup, one new vehicle, two new weapons, and 16 new maps (five of which were previously Xbox 360 exclusives). The three maps from the first bonus pack are also included.

Game Modes

  • Greed
  • Betrayal


  • Kana
  • Nova


  • X-Ray Field
  • Link Station


  • Slow-Field


  • Axon Stealthbender


  • Eradicator Cannon Artillery
  • Stinger Turret


  • CTF-FacingWorlds (From Bonus Pack 1)
  • CTF-LostCause
  • CTF-Morbid
  • CTF-Nanoblack
  • CTF-Searchlight (From Bonus Pack 1)
  • CTF-Shaft
  • DM-DarkMatch
  • DM-EdenInc
  • DM-KBarge
  • DM-Morbias (From Bonus Pack 1)
  • DM-OceanRelic
  • DM-Turbine
  • VCTF-Rails
  • VCTF-Stranded
  • VCTF-Suspense_Necris
  • WAR-ColdHarbor
  • WAR-Confrontation
  • WAR-Downtown_Necris
  • WAR-Hostile

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