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Original file: http://www.fileplanet.com/38078/30000/fileinfo/Unreal-Tournament-Bonus-Pack


This is the Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack #1 (or Epic Bonus Pack). It is the first free map pack for the game (out of 4).

The pack comes in the UMOD format. To install it, just double click on the file and the Unreal Tournament Installer will automatically open it.


Note that this download is not needed for Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition as it comes pre-installed.


Here are the list of additions:



  • Three new models, a package containing six related mutators, and 11 maps.


  • Skaarj Hybrid
  • Nali
  • Nali WarCow


  • Relic of Strength
  • Relic of Regeneration
  • Relic of Defense
  • Relic of Speed
  • Relic of Redemption
  • Relic of Vengeance


  • DM-Agony
  • DM-Cybrosis][
  • DM-ArcaneTemple
  • DM-Malevolence
  • DM-Shrapnel][
  • DM-HealPod][
  • DM-Mojo][
  • CTF-Cybrosis][
  • CTF-Hydro16
  • CTF-Noxion16
  • CTF-Darji16

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