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Creating a "Glossary:" namespace for Video, Input, Audio, and Network terms


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We currently have a large number of pages which reside in the main namespace (e.g. pages with have no "TITLE:" prefix), and Soeb and I have recently worked a bit on moving non-game content to other namespaces for cleanliness, organization, and ease of navigation. We've already moved most of the Controller and Emulation pages to their respective namespaces, as per this discussion from last week. While I haven't completed the Controller pages, those require a lot more changing than the Glossary pages would. We already had a previous discussion on the updating of our central Glossary page, and I think this could be a great way of improving that part of our project.


I'd like to propose a "Glossary" namespace for pages regarding the various settings pages we have right now. In most of our templates we have links to pages for each respective row. These can be incredibly useful to users who may not be as knowledgeable about "technobabble" as editors may be. I'd also like to suggest some sort of "In a nutshell template", like that of Wikipedia, for these pages. These can be used to summarize the definition of a term such as "Field of View" for immediate understanding by the layman. Perhaps more importantly, these nutshells - and please correct me if I'm being ignorant of the capabilities of MediaWiki/Symantic MediaWiki - could potentially be used to provide tooltips for terms throughout the wiki, as was suggested by Andytizer in the discussion linked above.


Some of the pages I'd suggest we move include the following:


Thoughts? I'd love feedback on this idea!

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I'd definitely support moving other non-game pages out of the main namespace.


I was sure I'd replied to this days ago; I guess I forgot to press post.

That's perfectly fine, probably wouldn't have gotten around to doing it until today or tomorrow anyway.

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