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Project: Gaming glossary redo


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Hi guys, I am dropping down a thought about how we can pick up the Gaming glossary as a project.


What prompted me to this is the idea to use Vert- as mouseover tooltip to define jargon on our pages and make it easier for newcomers to PC gaming. 


Perhaps there's a method of using templates or SMW to standardise these definitions - so that I could use {{Vert-}}  (with transcluded mouseover tooltip) as a link to the future [[Vert-]]. The aim would be to have a single short definition (perhaps 50 words). To update this everywhere on the site would only require updating that [[Vert-]] page.


Perhaps we could also have all of these definitions transcluded into a large PC gaming glossary


Furthermore, one thing I would like to do with the project is to redo the right-bar template to make it look more professional. I've always favoured right-aligned columns but it's a non-standard thing for wikis. Normally Wikipedia would use a template like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:History_of_video_games


Another thing I would like us to do is to incorporate WSGF's definitions:

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I was also thinking that excessive poup-up-ing could also disturb more "advanced" users...

maybe a tiny apexed "i" at the end of the word could made the same trick? you press on it and you are on the term's page...

you can understand vert- for example 10 times easier by looking to an animated gif rather than by reading an explanation of bla bla bla


btw.. semantic mediawiki (it took 2 minutes to find what that meant) could also fix the search box?

i mean.. that unfeature that makes suggestions case sensitive and thus "call of duty" won't ever show the game "Call of Duty" (unless you create a lowercased redirect, which i found an ugly dirty solution)

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