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Humble Bundle's DRM-free version of Worms Reloaded does not support online multiplayer

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The current Humble Bundle for Android 7 includes a version of Worms Reloaded which has omitted any multiplayer support in its DRM-free version. Multiplayer is supported only through Steamworks, and can only be accessed by redeeming the supplied Steam key.Problematically, this fact is not specified anywhere on the Humble Bundle page or download screen. Prior to purchase or install, there is no indication that multiplayer is disabled in the DRM-free version.



If you try to access multiplayer, the button will be grayed out and cannot be clicked.

Team17, the developer confirmed on Twitter that only single player is available for the DRM-free version.



It should also be noted that Worms Reloaded multiplayer is not cross-platform on the PC platforms either. Whilst we might not expect Android and iPhone versions to be compatible, it is surprising that Windows, Mac and Linux users can only play with people using the same operating system.


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Well this news came to me a bit late, I bought the bundle without knowing it doesnt have multiplayer support :( I asked the customer support and they said this version does not have it. I was kindda mad, they should have mentioned it!

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Team17 just posted this on Steam:




Information on the details of this may not have been as clear as we originally thought in the games listing. 
It was our feeling at the time that the DRM-free element of the Humble Bundle issued copy of this title would strongly suggest it’s lack of multiplayer.
We are sorry for any confusion caused by this.
Please know that the facts regarding multiplayer are as follows:
1. Multiplayer is not available on the direct-download distribution of this title as it’s nature would cause potential problems
2. Multiplayer IS available on the distribution through the Steam client
3. If you have spent an amount equal to / greater than one U.S Dollar, you are entitled to both of the above releases, meaning that you do have access to multiplayer through Steam
4. Where multiplayer is available, it can only be played between similar platforms: Windows VS Windows, Linux VS Linux. 
Humble Bundle have added the following information to the listing of Worms Reloaded:
"Note: Worms Reloaded requires Steam for networked multiplayer (included in the bundle). The DRM-free version is limited to local "hotseat" multiplayer. Each platform can only network with itself."
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I still do not see how everyone got so excited over this. Of course it won't have online multiplayer, it uses Steamworks for that. It's about as surprising as the fact that the DRM-free build of Awesomenauts was local only.


Whilst Steamworks is pretty standard these days, I would've expected them to include something like LAN play in a new DRM-free version.

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