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is deleting some of our edit history possbile?


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hello everyone,

i just look my history and on one game (Global Operations) i edited 12 times in total. i created the page and add an image.

than another users edited page, lastly garbot edited that page. since the page contains more and better data including my writing, im thinking my 11 edits are unnecessary now and its better to delete them.  

and also on reshade page i entered new  games but i mistakenly write directx data wrong, than i edit again and fix them. the current one contains right data, old one contains wrong data

can we delete our old and not relevant edits (unless they are current version)?

if its not possible, i think pcgaming wiki should add one form of deleting, ie:   there could be checkbox for edits belong to our profiles, we mark them and system deletes our incomplete, unnecessary, or  old edits after one month

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  • handlingcfg changed the title to is deleting some of our edit history possbile?

You can request edits be anonymized or privatized, but previous edits are usually not deleted unless they contain personally identifying data or illegal materials. If it's just inaccurate information, then that's no big deal; the page always shows the latest revision, and you have to be actively looking at the edit history to read old versions.

And we all make mistakes (especially on collaborative wikis), no shame in having old edits that aren't your best work.


EDIT: Also, Garbot is a bot, so it cleans up stuff that even the most seasoned of editors can't be arsed to do.

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I don't expect us to provide the ability for regular users to hide/remove their previous edits as that sorta goes against the intention of a collaborate wiki that keeps track of everything. As SirYodaJedi mentioned we admins do have that ability but it's solely intended to hide/anonymize personally identifying data or in rare cases edits that contains illegal materials.

The MediaWiki software, which the wiki is using, is the same wiki software that drives Wikipedia and it was never designed or developed to allow for easy hiding/changing/editing previous edits and the like. We actually need to use a third-party extension for the software just to be able to do the limited hiding/anonymizing stuff that we as admin can do right now.

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