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  1. i'm more practical man, i dont think in needs %100 accurate and people needs to give huge amount of work, my testing takes at most 5 min on far cry 3. far cry 3 benefits 3 threads and you have 3 or more cores, than you need to assign 3 real cores, This is the most important part, with this only i get 111 fps to 142 fps if someone wants to get the scientificially best way possible, than the other things like multiple dies etc needs to be calculated, but this part is not necessary and not logical to testing hours for 3-5 fps difference. alternatively, someone with huge amount of
  2. hi, this topic is about the affinity settings on game performance. if fps limited by cpu, it can give more fps with only setting different affinity. example far cry 3, with ryzen 5 3600 when if open game directly (6 core+6 smt), i get 110-111 fps, if i set affinity on only 3-4 real cores, i get 142 fps. we would most likely to experience same kind differences with future (ie 128 real core) cpu's on todays games. i wrote sloppy page about topic. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Multi-Threading_on_game_performance so im thinking maybe we need to add affinity settings gloss
  3. hello everyone, i just look my history and on one game (Global Operations) i edited 12 times in total. i created the page and add an image. than another users edited page, lastly garbot edited that page. since the page contains more and better data including my writing, im thinking my 11 edits are unnecessary now and its better to delete them. and also on reshade page i entered new games but i mistakenly write directx data wrong, than i edit again and fix them. the current one contains right data, old one contains wrong data can we delete our old and not relevant edits (
  4. Version 1.0.0


    tool used for editing 1nsane game options, actual version is 0.3
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