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PCGamingWiki's 9th birthday and winter giveaway


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This is a post is a thank you to the community that makes PCGamingWiki happen.

As in true PCGamingWiki style, we are giving out some presents right in the middle of our festive winter holiday. Spend wisely and I hope that you all have a good PC gaming winter break! Here's to 9 great years of fixing PC games.

Dearest contributors - £10:

  • AlRayes_BRN
  • Baronsmoki
  • Cptmold
  • Jigen123
  • Marioysikax
  • Mastan
  • Nccvoyager
  • Rose
  • ShadowStealer76
  • SirYodaJedi

For our Moderators - £25:

  • Aemony
  • Blackbird
  • Expack3
  • Garrett
  • Mirh
  • Snuxoll
  • Suicide machine
  • Vetle

Extra special bonus for Aemony, Rose and Snuxoll of £25 extra each.

If you feel that anyone else deserves a reward please send me a message.

To claim your reward, please add Andytizer on Steam and send a PM on Discord if you haven't received anything yet. Bear in mind if we are not already friends, then you will have to wait 3 days in order for Steam trading to be enabled.

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