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Rare/Obscure PC versions

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There is apparently a PC port of Pac-Man World 1 that was released exclusively in South Korea in 2001 according to the Pac-Man Wiki, there's barely any info on it and there's a very high chance it hasn't been dumped/preserved yet. If this does in fact exist, then that means the PC version is currently lost media, there's also this box art that was uploaded on there:



EDIT: It turns out this PC version might actually just be a pre-packaged PS1 emulator that comes with the game based on what I've been told by someone just recently, and not actually a native PC port.

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Even so, 2001 wouldn't have very powerful PCs to handle a PS1 emulator reliably, unless it's a customized version of Bleem.  I'll ask two Korean friends of mine if they have any info; since the game was released physically, it has a non-zero chance of being found.

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