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Halo: Reach's minimum system requirements revealed


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Today, 343 Industries released their latest Master Chief Collection Development Update, revealing the current development status of Halo: Reach.

One of the most interesting bits of information revealed was an infographic, curiously showcasing only the minimum system requirements for multiple resolutions.


The post also documents modes available in the beta, as well as how cross-play and progression will work between Reach's three platforms: Steam, Windows Store, and Xbox One.


Along with the graph, the post details more technical elements of the PC release, including new settings currently unavailable in the beta:



  • Speech to text dictation for text chat
  • Text to speech narration for text chat

Enhancements to HUD to Support Ultrawide Monitors

Settings & Options

  • Configure Mouse & Keyboard 
    • Configure Bindings
  • Gamepad Controls
    • Jumper Jumper
  • Mouse Controls
    • Mouse Sensitivity
    • Zoomed Mouse Sensitivity
    • Vehicle Mouse Sensitivity
    • Mouse Acceleration
    • Acceleration Min Rate
    • Acceleration Max Rate
    • Acceleration Scale
    • Acceleration Power
    • Mouse Smoothing
    • Crouch Behavior
  • Video Settings
    • Field-of-View
    • Vehicle Field-of-View
    • Window Mode 
      • Resolution Scale
      • Aspect Ratio
    • V-sync
    • HUD Anchoring
  • Experimental Settings 
    • Framerate Limit
  • Graphics Quality Settings
  • Audio Settings
    • Game Volume
    • Game Music Volume
    • Effects Volume
    • Voice Chat Volume
  • Gameplay
    • Crosshair Position
    • Show Invite Notifications

Even with all of this information, the post makes no reference to a release date or window for the final game. With the initial announcement of Reach coming to PC made nearly eight months ago, the odds of it launching this year seem slim.

Are you still excited for Halo: Reach's PC debut?

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