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  1. Nccvoyager

    What's the origin of your name?

    My username is pretty straightforward, with Voyager being my favourite Star Trek series. Where it gets somewhat "interesting" is with the "ncc" prefix. For some time, I had used the username "ussvoyager" (or a variation of it) which would be the full title of the starship Voyager, with no space between the prefix and the ship name. Unfortunately, several games and websites I frequented at the time began to censor or block "ussvoyager" in chat, profile descriptions, and forum posts. Wishing to keep the username as close as possible, I switched out the "uss" ship prefix with the "ncc" (naval construction contact number) prefix. It's been my primary personal username ever since. (Well, other than Google as, surprising to me, someone else had already made an account with the "nccvoyager" username.)