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Death Stranding possibly coming to PC


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The upcoming Hideo Kojima-directed title, Death Stranding, has been associated with Sony and the PlayStation brand for years. The title is being developed on Sony's proprietary game engine, Decima. However, it has been found that Death Stranding is no longer listed as a "PS4 exclusive" on the numerous official regional PlayStation websites. Through the usage of the Wayback Machine, Resetera user vestan discovered that these webpages initially listed Death Stranding as a PlayStation 4 exclusive as recently as May 26th.

Furthermore, while most of Sony's titles very vocally tout their Playstation exclusivity (such as "Only on Playstation" appearing on the front covers of the physical releases, and typically at the end of trailers for the games), Death Stranding has not been subject to any of this marketing tactic.

Sony has danced around the topic of Death Stranding's lack of exclusivity since 2015. When Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment initially announced their partnership (before Death Stranding was officially announced), a Q&A session specifically stated that Kojima's first independent title was "planned to be available on PC (after PS4)."

A year later, in 2016, the announcement press release for Death Stranding further states that the title would be released on PlayStation 4 with the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment, yet never makes any mention of the title being exclusive for PlayStation 4.

While this is still speculative, Death Stranding coming to PC after it's PlayStation 4 debut is a very tangible possibility, seemingly supported by the evidence listed above. Also, Sony is no stranger to PC gaming, with four previously Playstation-exclusive titles releasing for the platform (Journey, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and the upcoming release of Detroit: Become Human).

Perhaps we will be able to experience Death Stranding at it's best sooner than we think.

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The Decima engine seems like a pretty flimsy excuse for exclusivity; Sony also developed the PhyreEngine and many games that use it are multiformat.  That being said, the fact news like this makes the rounds goes to show that Sony undoubtedly has the games people want and care about.

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