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How your post becomes Featured


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At PCGamingWiki we aim to be an active gaming community focused on new developments in PC gaming. I'd like to encourage anyone here to make posts and discuss the latest PC gaming news.

Featured content (small green star icon) will appear on the Home (wiki) and Forum (sidebar). Any post in this forum can be 'Featured' by a Moderator or Editor, as long as they fit some critera:


    • Descriptive and not coy ('you won't believe..' clickbait).
    • Legible and grammatically accurate.
    • Not too long (no more than 24 words).
    • Anything noteworthy related to PC games or PC gaming hardware.


    • Attach an image as an attachment and have this inserted at the top of the post.
    • The 1st image showing will automatically be used in the thumbnail on the main forum view, and on Facebook/Twitter.
    • Moderators and Editors can manually change the thumbnail by clicking on it when in the main forum view.
    • Try to make this a 3:2 (width:height) ratio as this crops the best.


    • Content should be newsworthy - ideally within a few days of it becoming 'news'.
    • Should be relevant and important to PC gamers.
    • Please feel free to express opinions and make recommendations, but be warned that other users may disagree with you in the comments.
    • No overtly political threads.
    • Threads don't need to be grouped - e.g. if Cyberpunk 2077 announcement is mentioned in E3 megathread, it's okay to create a new Cyberpunk 2077 thread for a store announcement (as this is a separate topic).
    • Threads that are too similar will be merged.
    • No self-promotion or spam.
    • Please be civil, our Code of conduct applies here too.


    • This is a new area of the site so @Andytizer will be the main point of contact. The best way to get in touch is to PM via community site or on Discord.

    If you think a post is worth Featuring, tell @Andytizer or a moderator either via PM or via Discord.

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