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PCGamingWiki Server Administrator Job


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PCGamingWiki was founded back in 2012 with the aim of fixing PC gaming. We now serve over 8 million pageviews per year and growing.


We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented server administrator to help maintain our website, including:

  • MediaWiki - which powers the main wiki where 90% of traffic comes

  • IP Board - which runs our forum, blog and files download system


Job specifications:

  • Update and maintain MediaWiki and IP Board

  • Maintain installed MediaWiki extensions such as Cargo/SMW

  • Maintenance of regular automated backup

  • Maintenance of other aspects including the dev site, Matomo (analytics) and ‘sidewikis’

  • Other bug fixes and requests when required

  • Keeping documentation up to date

  • Provide basic training for a backup secondary administrator


Essential technical requirements:

  • Basic Linux knowledge

  • LAMP stack

  • Some MediaWiki experience


Desirable technical traits:

  • Experience of hosting other similar projects will be an advantage.

  • To see examples of problems that the server admin might need to address in the future, see our Trello board.


Tech stack:

  • “high availability”

  • Ubuntu

  • mySQL/MariaDB

  • Apache

  • PHP

  • Varnish (caching)

  • HAProxy

  • Hetzner (cloud hosting) - the new server admin will inherit a load balancing multi server cloud setup

  • MediaWiki

  • IP Board


Person specifications:

  • Have an interest in PC gaming

  • Availability to fix emergency downtime in a timely manner

  • Good problem solving ability

  • Good communication skills

  • Available via email, Discord and Trello

  • Must follow our code of conduct and be professional, courteous and discreet

  • Follow strict best practice for password security

  • Speak or write English well


Further details:

This role that will begin December 2018/January 2019, with fully completed documentation and a handover from the previous system administrator.


This is a part-time contractor role which mostly involves light maintenance of existing systems, with most of the work being concentrated on major updates of MediaWiki and IP Board once a year. We are paying for at a negotiable monthly rate (in the low hundreds of USD per month) depending on experience, please get in touch for more details.


Please send either a resume/CV and/or email to andytizer@pcgamingwiki.com


Interviews will begin from December 17th onwards.


If you have a specific question or would like to discuss further it will most likely be fastest to contact Andytizer on Discord via private message.

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After a long search, multiple high quality applicants and several interviews later, we have finally hired a new server administrator. Please give a warm welcome to snuxoll, who will be managing our servers from here on out.

Going forward we have several projects in the mix, and snuxoll will be implementing new SSO system for wikis/forum in place using Keycloak which we will be testing later this month. 

Thank you for all the applicants that applied. However due to the quantity and quality of applicants who applied, I'm afraid that not everyone was able to be replied to.

And also a heartfelt thank you to Max, the previous server administrator, who has provided many years of server administration as well as content, and is moving on to bigger and better things.

Here's to another year of fixing PC games!

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