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Proof Of Concept level/Prototype - Which means its a simple puzzle but may break or not work as intended.


Objective -

You cannot see a single thing inside the building. Once inside, use your Crosslink to help navigate the building and reach the computer on the 3rd floor.


This level is fairly easy in its own right. Here is a crosslink view of the level. A normal screenshot would not show anything....


Design -

There are (or should be) three areas inside the building that are not completely pitch black. This is done on purpose. Think of them as checkpoints. Sadly there are two trapdoors that I cannot cover without also covering up the floor. Making it even harder to tell what is going on. Which is not the intention of this map.


There is a lot that can be done with a map like this. If people end up liking the experience that is. I don't think I'll make another level like this, but that should not stop you!



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Interesting with the concept with use of the dark zones to obscure, and I too am a little disappointed with the inability to alter zone sizes to better sculpt the levels. Is simple enough if you venture through eliminating the guards. Tried without, but syncing a guard triggered motion detector, trap door, leap up a floor, guard turned away, switch, guard turned back, mad dash, leap up a floor, guard turned away, and overhang out of view verges on the impossible. Doubt that was your intention since this is a concept for dark, but thought would make mention of my gentlemanly attempts.

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The trouble lies in the fact that no other guard type but the Pro would see you. Unless you ran right into them, but even that is not that big of a threat when its pitch black. Take a step back and you are once again fine. Suffice it to say that the level is not intended for Gentlemen achievers. I am thrilled that you tried it anyway :)


If a way to bring a great challenge to the dark levels without the need for (or very limited need for) guards could be found. That would make the level very very interesting. At the moment the only thing that can be thought of are long hallway runs in pitch-dark rooms with an open door on a timer on the far end. So basicly the blue circuit "puzzle" at the end of this level repeated a few times... Eh.

I had the idea for this level at the same time as the Lemming_Prototype level. The Lemming level is the clear winner. Though I won't give up on this idea just yet. Just needs a bit of thought. Hmm...

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