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That's really old codec which isn't updated, contains security vulnerabilities and latest versions require payment. 


You didn't give any context, but if you need to simply play those videos, I would just try VLC or convert them into some modern codec with ffmpeg and keep originals as backup. If talking about games, then the game might be so old that there might be problems even if codec can be installed. 


But it does seem that codec can be simply enabled with couple console commands, so open command prompt as administrative and input:

cd C:\Windows\SysWOW64
regsvr32 ir50_32.dll

Just keep in mind that there's reason why this is being disabled on your machine. 

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I don't know! It worked on my previous Win8-8.1 versions, but after the upgrade to the 10, it seems strange, plus I have the new files in SysWOW64 folders, such as ir50_32original.dll's. I can only register the last version of the codec, but not the old ones!

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Indeo it's not just that dll (albeit many games might just need that)
I have uploaded full installer here. Try it (of course don't forget to run as administrator).
I wouldn't know if they are VfW or DirectShow codecs, but.. I guess microsoft would have mentioned if they had broke them?
In worst case anyway, I don't think ffsdhow+this shouldn't also work (and why not, w/o security holes)
God.. it would be all easier if this codec wasn't owned by a leech.

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If they are shipped with the game (and especially if the game comes with that dll), it seems obvious it was meant to play them.


EDIT: i just wanted to say i moved this and another couple of threads to the right section

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This means audio codec is registered, while video one isn't.

Or it could be something even more trivial, like this.


I notice just now you still have to mention which game we are talking about.

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Oh, fine then.

It's just a codec problem so. In an ideal world, I'd try to tinker with ffdshow tryouts to openly replace this crap once and for all.


I'm out of time, so perhaps it would be better if you could use graphstudionext to open the video, and check where's the problem.

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I know Twisted Metal 2 is a game that needs the indeo codec. Then again, that game is so archaic that getting it to run WITHOUT the CD, let alone Windows 10 means no access to the BGM or videos. The videos do open up in VLC but, that's not going to solve why they don't work during gameplay.



Anyway, I digress. Your best bet (since we don't know which game you refer to, is to see if it's even possible to change the codec dependency to something like bink or in the case of Twisted Metal 2, another codec compatible with the AVI container. Don't be discouraged, even Soul Reaver got bink support via a fan mod.

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