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  1. Huh.... and all this time I've been using HDMI. *awaits a barrage of heckling*
  2. Well, for instance WB reccomends an install to SSD for Batman Arkham Knight. Some games benefit from it... and in the case of Batman and its horrendous issues, some games may just need it. I'd say though if you really need a viable suggestion, MMO's, other MP rich games, games where faster loading would be nice, and after that, consider any game made after 2012.
  3. This post applies to this topic and the other similar topic, yer I'll just answer this one. Hmmm.... I'm divided here. We dont want to unintentionally allow piracy, sure. However, it's not always easy to modify the exe yourself. Not everyone has the know-how, the patience, or confidence to hex edit. When it comes to games from the Wim XP era and older it is becoming quite common to have to find a no cd or modify the exe in some way JUST to get the game to run at all. Games like GTA San Andreas, which has a ton of mods that reference the hoodlum 1.0 crack as a requirement, and incidentally offers better support than even the 3.0 executable that Steam offers, or even Blood Omen which just can't run on modern systems without the exe that is offered on nosgothica, to name examples. Now, for the time being, these exes can be found on external sites... but for how long? These are uploaded by other people to their sites with no guarantee said sites will be there tomorrow. Now, sure, tomorrow THIS SITE might not be here, but it wouldn't be for the same reason Megaupload no longer exists. Also, sometimes modifhing an executable is a thing NOT because a game wont run, and not for piracy, but because of console exclusive content. As previously mentioned, a couple Batman games, but also, I've seen it with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010, Mafia 2, Burnout Paradise etc. Now, if we had a chance to buy this content, I'm sure we would (generally), but we don't, so we have no choice BUT to modify exe's. Surely an ideal solution can be agreed upon, no? EDIT: I forgot to mention launchers, which are also part of the issue. Lets take for example Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, which there is a launcher for on this site. Dome games wont run without the launcher, even if the actual game exe is cracked, so wouldnt sharing the launchers fall unto the same issue? (If not, then I concede, i was just curious) at the same time, again, that game also benefits from having a cracked iso for the fix mods it has. Speaking of launchers, Final Fantasy 8 says to download a custom launcher, (which unlike Tony Hawk's, ISN'T hosted here) and for the life of me, i can't find it anywhere on the net. All i find are old dead links for it from several years ago... which brings me back to my initial ppoint.
  4. I know Twisted Metal 2 is a game that needs the indeo codec. Then again, that game is so archaic that getting it to run WITHOUT the CD, let alone Windows 10 means no access to the BGM or videos. The videos do open up in VLC but, that's not going to solve why they don't work during gameplay. Anyway, I digress. Your best bet (since we don't know which game you refer to, is to see if it's even possible to change the codec dependency to something like bink or in the case of Twisted Metal 2, another codec compatible with the AVI container. Don't be discouraged, even Soul Reaver got bink support via a fan mod.
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