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Fallout 4, possible 48fps lock fix.

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This works for me, and I've not tried this fix on any other systems. It may not work for you.


Opening Fallout4Prefs.ini and changing iPresentInterval to 0, thus unlocking the framerate, fixed the issue for me. I limit my framerate to my monitor's frequency via MSI Afterburner. The Fallout 4 Configuration Tool can also be used to unlock the framerate.

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Heh, I presumed something like this would be on the wiki already. Anyway I'm playing at 70 FPS and the lockpick moves a bit faster (made it more fun ironically), occasionally the subitles break, and some characters might end up talking over before another character has finished to speak (not too bad, happens near the end of the line, happens very rarely), they are minor bugs but they probably get worse at higher framerates. Everything else works fine however. The physics sometimes bug out even at 60 FPS so, eh, not too important, but again that happens only a bunch of times and it's more funny than anything.


And 48? It always ran at 60 for me so that's kinda odd.

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Incredible this would happen. Why would they be building their engine in such an archaic way?

Then again, Bethesda has gone out of their way to make it known how incapable they are when it comes to the technical side of anything over the last 15 years.

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Why would they be building their engine in such an archaic way?


I believe the Creation Engine is based upon the Gamebryo engine, which was used back when they made Morrowind. Extending an old engine without creating a new one will result in bugs, unless they rewrite the old parts.


Don't quote me on this, though.

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