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Borderless Gaming and appid.php


I just tried making a page for Borderless Gaming with it's AppID as it was recently released on Steam under AppID 388080, however since it's not a game I thought that instead of making it a new article, it'd be a better idea to simply redirect to Borderless fullscreen windowed#Borderless Gaming The appid.php from Enhanced Steam seems work with just 


{{Infobox game
|steam appid  = 388080
template stub, but when a #REDIRECT is placed in front, then it says the page is not created and gives and option to make one (leading to editing created page)

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I'm not exactly sure that adding a SteamID to Engine namespaces is what is needed, but instead handling #REDIRECTs in Main namespace. Like I said, I could link to Borderless Gaming article, but only before I added #REDIRECT tag on it. If it'd work for #REDIRECTs (which are in Main namespace), everything could be handled easily.


  • Borderless Gaming page with added Steam AppID 388080 would redirect to Borderless fullscreen windowed#Borderless Gaming



  • RPG Maker VX Ace page with added  Steam AppID 220700 would redirect to Engine:RPG Maker



  • RPG Maker XP page with added  Steam AppID 235900 would also redirect to Engine:RPG Maker



  • 3DMark Vantage page with added  Steam AppID 205250 would redirect to Engine:3DMark Vantage (red page, but listed engine for Shattered Horizon) or any future article about benchmarking if any (or to disambiguation page)



  • etc.


In the future, if there will be any more pages/guides about tools (just like Borderless fullscreen have) and they will be sold on Steam, we could also link them through a redirect, no matter what namespace they will be.


Also, alternatively, since Steam starts to cover more and more things than just the games themselves (it have applications, movies, soundtracks...) and if they are out of the scope of the wiki, I guess jshackles (developer of Enhanced Steam) may create a blacklist of AppIDs to not show the "PCGaming wiki" button on; alternatively limiting it to Games only.

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