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  1. I may actually want to buy if, if it's 90% off for the sale for +1 game on Steam 😄
  2. Faalagorn


    Nice! 🙂 In the meantime, you could try reaching to ProtonDB as you mentioned before or Lutris, they are both active on their respective Discords and PCGW is really friendly toward Linux so a mutual agreement here could work well 🙂
  3. Thank you so far everyone for the replies; figured out that I didn't thought that there's indeed a difference between publisher and distributor :) Anyway, it seems I'll have to do some research about Brigade E5 specifically later and find my physical release to double check things, as the thing that got me curious now is that in the manual included on Steam Cenega logo is included and mentioned a few times as with email @ co.uk and website @ .com. The version of the game incuded on Steam was clearly not for the US market anyway, as the logs the game creates during the launch call the version "Version 1.13 EU_FINAL", suggesting that US had a separate release.
  4. When I started following the editing guide creating a new page and saw some inconsistencies between the sample article and editing guide, I saw some differences between the two and made a thread about it in sample article's page. However, I started seeing more differences and inaccuracies between the two, so I thought a forum may be a better place to discuss it. I'm going to list what caught my eye, but I'll also list the things that should be fixed in both of those places, since both of them are for view only: "wikipedia" and "winehq" places are swapped in infobox; it's in different order in sample article's cheat sheet than it is in editing guide "steam appid side" parameter is missing in the sample article's cheat sheet square enix cloud syncying option is missing in save game cloud syncing table in sample article's cheat sheet API and middleware tables are missing in the sample article's cheat sheet, seems it was already mentioned before, but not answered AFAIK. They are in the base article body though and editing guide does not say anything about the tables being optional Sample article's cheat sheet for series pages uses {{SUBST:PAGENAME}} while the editing guide do not use it Sample page's "genre information" links to the now-dead Style Policy page links in "General information" in sample article does not match what the editing guide recommends (i.e. GOG links should be over Steam links). Editing guide does not mention nothing about the point: "If still relevant, state where bugs can be reported." A small discrepancy in availability type, in example GOG.com is written as Gog.com (no uppercase) The "Which is the 'best' version of the game to get?" under availability point is not present or explained in editing guide I'm a bit puzzled about the patches section in essential improvements. Editing guide is really vague about it, only saying to place "Patches (both official and unofficial)", while sample article says [only?] "Include If There is a benefit in using an older patch". For example Brigade E5 is patched to latest 1.13 version on Steam, but my retail version is not. Following what the sample article says, I should not upload a link to patch 1.13? Or should I anyway? I'm confused x.x Intro skip methods section is missing in sample article entirely The order of utilities and modifications is swapped between sample article and editing guide (patches-utilities-mods in sample article vs patches-intro skip-mods-utilities in editing guide) Configuration file(s) location table is missing in sample article body (not cheat sheet), and while we're at it, cheat sheet (and editing guide) says "Save game data location" while body simply "Save game location" Some of the newly added table options are missing the appropriate "See <something>" section and matching headers. While we're at it, should we always use "See <something>" instead of just fill the notes, or only for really long explanations? Nor sample article or editing guide explains it Sample article does not use the new way of treating fan translations for Spanish example Creative Senz3D table features "class="generic-table-notes-cell" colspan="2"|" "Other information" guidelines differ in sample article vs editing guide P.S. There are other minor differences between the two, especially when it comes to the formatting of missing data in cheat sheet - for example sample page's cheat sheet fills steam id with "000000" while they are blank in editing guide. Those are less of an issue, as they will get replaced anyway and will not reflect the final page's look in any way.
  5. I just made a new page about Brigade E5: New Jagged Union and was following the new wiki Editing Guide and old Sample article pages. When I was filling the infobox, one thing got me a bit puzzled, being the release date and publishers. Since the game was first published in Russia, without English localization whatsoever, I put the release date of the Russian version I found in Russian Wikipedia. However, the other sources, like Steam use the English release date, since, obviously, Steam is mostly English-oriented (and so is PCGW for the matter). Similar issues was with the 7,62: Hard Life mod I put on Series box - it released in December 2014 as a DRM-free mod on developer's website, but was later published in 2015 as an official bonus game entry on Steam. I took the 2014 release date of the mod as the first one and used 2014 instead of 2015. So the question arose, what release date should be used? First release date, no matter what country/language was it, or the first release date in English? This should also be reflected in the Editing Guide, for future reference. Another problem I had was the publisher. Editing guide says "List all the publishers involved in the PC releases of the game.", so I listed Strategy First (which was the first publisher for the game in most of the world) and 1C Company (which later bought out the rights and are publishing the game now). However, I have a physical version too, which was released in Poland, and it was published by Cenega here. I suspect various other countries have other publishers too for certain games. So again, do we list only the English publisher or do we list only the English/international one (typically the ones listed as publisher in digital releases) - and again, this should be reflected in the editing guide as well. Thank you in advance for answering :)
  6. I'm not exactly sure that adding a SteamID to Engine namespaces is what is needed, but instead handling #REDIRECTs in Main namespace. Like I said, I could link to Borderless Gaming article, but only before I added #REDIRECT tag on it. If it'd work for #REDIRECTs (which are in Main namespace), everything could be handled easily. Borderless Gaming page with added Steam AppID 388080 would redirect to Borderless fullscreen windowed#Borderless Gaming RPG Maker VX Ace page with added Steam AppID 220700 would redirect to Engine:RPG Maker RPG Maker XP page with added Steam AppID 235900 would also redirect to Engine:RPG Maker 3DMark Vantage page with added Steam AppID 205250 would redirect to Engine:3DMark Vantage (red page, but listed engine for Shattered Horizon) or any future article about benchmarking if any (or to disambiguation page) etc. In the future, if there will be any more pages/guides about tools (just like Borderless fullscreen have) and they will be sold on Steam, we could also link them through a redirect, no matter what namespace they will be. Also, alternatively, since Steam starts to cover more and more things than just the games themselves (it have applications, movies, soundtracks...) and if they are out of the scope of the wiki, I guess jshackles (developer of Enhanced Steam) may create a blacklist of AppIDs to not show the "PCGaming wiki" button on; alternatively limiting it to Games only.
  7. I just tried making a page for Borderless Gaming with it's AppID as it was recently released on Steam under AppID 388080, however since it's not a game I thought that instead of making it a new article, it'd be a better idea to simply redirect to Borderless fullscreen windowed#Borderless Gaming The appid.php from Enhanced Steam seems work with just {{Infobox game |steam appid = 388080 }} template stub, but when a #REDIRECT is placed in front, then it says the page is not created and gives and option to make one (leading to editing created page)
  8. Kinda offtopic question, but what is this program attached in the screenshot? I can't find it and it seems nice.
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