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Developer/publisher names


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At least until 2003 Ubisoft was called Ubi Soft.

Similarly Rockstar North was called DMA Design until 2002.


Not to mention the Hasbro//Atari/Infogrames odyssey in the late 90s.


In brief: should we use the actual names for producers or the ones they had when the game came out?

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I'm planning on adding the possibility to add past names of developers

Oh, so it wasn't already possible?


... ok I guess it's fine for now.

Then.. I guess your point about actual availability also stand.. But I wouldn't know..


If I wanted to buy the first XCOM for example, old names would confuse me (we are talking of 4 subsequent publishers after all).

But on the other hand I find unkind to just omit original companies.


Something similar would also apply in the case of simple renaming.

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I've already been doing that, original name on game page, then that redirects to current company and then note what was earlier names and dates: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Publisher:Marvelous_AQL 


Another similar issue is with engines, mainly RPG Maker and Clickteam Fusion, where they are updating engine, but there are tons of differend variations of it with next to zero difference to end user (in some cases it's almost impossible to tell which version of engine is used unless some intense googling) and only handful of games to begin with. I have autonomously redirected those pages to unified page as well instead of making single engine page for single game. Good example is Freedom Planet where it uses Sonic Worlds which is actually using Clickteam Fusion as base, someone else redirected that though. 

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When an engine page isn't split by version the version labels can be specified like this: Unity{{!}}Unity 4


This displays the specific name while linking to the real page without a redirect. This also means it would be easy to migrate such engines to version-specific pages if that is needed later on.

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Hehe my edits huh? I always put the dev's old name when applicable, but I felt this was too minor "change" :P

Also that Rockstar North change made me realize the games are cutoff by the company's founding date or something as GTA1 finally appeared in game list after I "fixed" it.

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