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Steam appid side

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The "|steam appid side = " field is meant for games on Steam with expansions and/or DLC. As each DLC has their own Steam page, the field allows them to be associated with the article. 


The general idea is that all DLC IDs are placed in the field (separated by commas).


Unfortunately, I do not know much more about the field. Someone else might be able to give a more detailed description. However, when I get the time, I will make sure to mention this field in the guide.

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These parameters are used to associate the page with the app IDs so the API can be queried or linked to by external sources (such as Steam Database and the Enhanced Steam browser extension).


The main parameter only supports a single app ID because it is also used to make the links shown in the infobox. The game's current/normal app ID should be the one used for the infobox.


Some alternate editions have their own app IDs, so those IDs should also be provided through the side parameter.

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