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  1. Would have been nice to see a difference between all the settings. You ignored quite a lot. This report seemed rushed. Nope FXAA is in the game. He just forgot to mention (and compare) it for some reason
  2. First off I've noticed these icons on the mobile version do nothing when you select them. I tried two difference devices and two different browsers and secondary can we get the ability to edit the wiki pages on the mobile site? If I want to edit a wiki page I need to request the desktop version via firefox (Doesn't work with Chrome).
  3. Sigh. With this recent change the FPS part of the video setttings in a lot of articles now make no sense
  4. You could have got a better example of the texture quality option like so. Some framerate number charts would be nice as well
  5. Thanks for the explanation, ThatOneReaper
  6. Sorry for a separate topic for such a simple question. I was hoping some info about it would be in this brilliant guide but alas it isn't. What use is it? Do you list all of the dlc beside it?
  7. Fair enough. I guess I'll hold off on creating the page since kickstarter is the only method of obtaining the game currently.
  8. I was about to create a page for STRAFE which is currently only available via backing the kickstarter but the wiki has no kickstarter option. Could the admins look into adding one? I think it would be a good addiction addition because a lot of devs offer a copy of the game as a backing reward
  9. Depth of Field does make a difference during cutscenes and conversations and actually has a big performance hit. You should have compared the view distances especially after the patch as that's the most performance hitting setting. More framerate graphs would be nice as well
  10. You can just go a head and delete this topic. I don't care any more. I spent a lot of time on this just to have it shoved back in my face. There's other port reports which weren't hidden and are of the same quality of this one. That's the last time I contribute anything to this site.
  11. Maybe if you're partially blind. I can't post any bigger. Either I directly link bigger versions which I can't because the forum blocks me from directly linking lots of images (I could only do the video settings images bigger) or I insert them with the sharedmedia=gallery method which auto resizes them.
  12. I did them in jpg with max quality. Every other port report did them in jpg. EDIT: Redoing them right now.
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