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Found 10 results

  1. 15 downloads

    As most are aware of by now, the steam version of FlatOut 1 is still the outdated 1.0. There have been many who made their own updaters to 1.1, however all of them more or less obvious issues with them. That's why I decided to create my own fix, which is currently the best available option. I compared the files from the Steam release with the GOG one and packed the updated files as patch01.bfs (don't worry, I didn't introduce texture issues from the GOG version), so the bfs archive has all the required files without any unneeded overlap between the files. To install just extract the files to the game's directory. DO NOT install this patch on any retail version, it may introduce issues. There's no reason or way to use it with the GOG version, it literally won't do anything.
  2. 567 downloads

    Updates the GOG version of "Deus Ex: Revision" mod from version 1.6.3 to and also makes it completely DRM-free*. *1.6.3 version of Revision mod, that is distributed on GOG requires a GOG Galaxy launcher to run. If user tries to run the game, then mod force opens GOG Galaxy (if it's not installed, then it will open Steam).
  3. 2,100 downloads

    Updates digital versions of 'Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault' to 1.2 version and adds Director's Cut features like music player and M1941 Johnson. Installation: Copy content of "Main Files" and Lang\<your language>_Files folders to the game folder. Password: PCGW PS. To unpack the archive, download and throw all files into one folder, and then open the file "Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Digital Patch.7z.001".
  4. 293 downloads

    Updates the GOG version of "Rune Classic" mod from version 1.10 to 1.11. Installation: Extract folders "System" and "EditorFix" from the "Base Files" folder located in the archive to your game's folder. If you use language other than English you also need to copy "System" folder from the "Languages\<your__language>" folder. Credits: Mr_Goldberg - Steam API replacement, that makes 1.11 version of the game DRM-free. Password: pcgw
  5. When I tried installing the game I got the UI mode error, so I tried the famous compatibility mode fix (which works most of the time, also changes the buttons of the installer from the Java look to the Windows look), but it didn't work for me this time (the buttons also didn't change from the Java look to the Windows look). The commandline method made the installation work, but it completed with errors (said to look at a log file but idk where that is). Trying to run the update (with commandline method again, compatibility mode does nothing) gives this error messages: "Previous version of DRIVER San Francisco was not found Installer will now exit." The installer closes and I can't update. I have Windows 10 x64 with AMD CPU and GPU. Edit: I have installed the game successfully on another PC. I exported the Driver SF registry keys from it (no, they weren't present on mine) and merged them into my main PC's registry (yes I made sure to properly adjust the keys for the different install path), but it still doesn't change anything. Edit #2: I gave up on trying to make the update work, I just installed the game in a Win7 VM and copied the updated files over my original install.
  6. Version 1.1


    Official Patch for Moorhuh 3, the patch only works with german retail version
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is an unofficial Update for "Croc: Legend of the Gobbos". It updates the game to the later release. The later release has support for DirectX 5, among a couple of file changes. This version is (from what I've heard) the only one that works with fan patches and fixes. File created by: play-old-pc-games.com Source: https://www.play-old-pc-games.com/2013/01/31/croc-legend-of-the-gobbos/
  8. 4,680 downloads

    The second patch for The Matrix: Path of Neo. Updates from Update #1 to Update #2. "The Matrix: Path of Neo patch #2 deals with saving control options and minor graphics issues in the previous patch."
  9. 669 downloads

    Official patches for Zoo Empire. For retail copies only. Uploaded to PCGamingWiki.com for archival purposes. Note: Install "ZEPatch1-20(English).exe" before "ZEPatch1-22(English).exe". Source: http://www.enlight.com/ze/frame.htm "[09/13/04] Download the Zoo Empire patch (ver 1.2) Bring your Zoo up-to-date with the latest patch. Click here to download the latest patch (4.6MB)! This patch fixes the following: - Upon clicking the cash transfer menu's increase/decrease buttons, the amount changed will now be in $5000 instead of $1000 intervals. - The volume of the train and boat sound effects have been tuned down. - The game will no longer crash if you mouse-over a visitor fence (this was due to a bug that upon mousing over the fence, it would turn into an artificial animal and crash). - If you assign a a zookeeper to feed an animal (or any other task), the zookeeper (or other staff) will perform the task immediately. The hungry animals will also start eating right after their current activity. This addresses the "my animals died of hunger despite having zookeepers to feed them" bug. - The animal drinking AI has been improved so that they will drink water when they are thirsty." "[12/24/04] NEW! Download the Zoo Empire patch (ver 1.22) Bring your Zoo up-to-date with the latest patch. Click here to download the latest patch (3.5MB)! Patch version 1.22 further refines the hunger algorithm so that animals will no longer die of hunger so long as there is food in the exhibit. Please make sure you have already updated your Zoo Empire with patch version 1.20. Patch 1.22 will NOT work otherwise."
  10. 5,247 downloads

    The first patch for The Matrix: Path of Neo. Updates from Retail (US) to Update #1. "This patch fixes some graphics, translation and many other issues."
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