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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    A third English translation for Konosuba: Fukkatsu no Beldia. This modifies the entire game by updating the version of Clickteam Fusion the game runs on, translates all untranslated text, and adds various QOL fixes to the game/launcher. Since the updated files are usable without needing to have the base game installed the patch will be installed using Clickteam's patching tool. If the game's file path has Japanese characters in it please rename it or the install will fail.
  2. Version 1.352


    Mortyr 2: For Ever patch 1.352 It fixes a rare issue in Windows XP SP2 ("flying up" when the game starts) and some other minor problems. Patch works with the following language versions: English, German, French and Polish. Other language versions are already updated to v1.352. Taken from the official website (archived).
  3. Version 1.01


    Just put your installation directory where you have installed THAW. Works for German version of the game with the official 1.01 patch.
  4. Version 1.00


    Version History 1.0 – Initial release of this patch was released. What this patch does · A majority of the Codex entries having been completely reformatted. · All video cutscenes having their subtitles redone, and retimed (they were way off before). · Several other menus having typographical corrections made, including the loading screen entries. Files modified International version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z\NRZGame\Localization\INT\Subtitles.int C:\Program Files (x86)\Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z\NRZGame\Localization\INT\NRZUI.int C:\Program Files (x86)\Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z\NRZGame\Localization\INT\NRZGame.int Instructions Default game installation path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Simply dump NRZGame folder into your Ninja Gaiden Z installation directory, and overwrite the existing files. If you feel the need, make a backup of the originals first. Things I wanted to do, but couldn’t I wanted to retime all the in-game cutscenes that are referenced in the VO_LX .int files, but unfortunately, they all cooked into their respective UPK files. I couldn’t figure out how to properly use UE Explorer and add Arrays correctly to properly view and edit those files in Hex. I also wanted to try and fix some of the other bugs in the game, and scrape Arena requirement information for each Rank, but I don’t have the skill. Contact / Donations If you notice any problems or free the need to donate via PayPal, feel free to do so at the following address: Apocalypse612@yahoo.com
  5. Version 1.0.0


    These are the two English fan translations of Konosuba: Fukkatsu no Beldia (localized as either The Resurrection of Beldia or Verdia of the Resurrection) that is floating around online. Download and install just one of them, by extracting the dial.dat file into the data\font\ folder, overwriting the existing file. Note that menu items etc are not translated, as those requires binary patching the executable. Sources: Fan translation from 2017 by an unknown author: https://pastebin.com/xbQHV5DE Fan translation from 2018 GungnirHeart and CyanideBlizzard: https://konosubaitltranslation.wordpress.com/konosuba-verdia-of-the-resurrection/
  6. I just made a new page about Brigade E5: New Jagged Union and was following the new wiki Editing Guide and old Sample article pages. When I was filling the infobox, one thing got me a bit puzzled, being the release date and publishers. Since the game was first published in Russia, without English localization whatsoever, I put the release date of the Russian version I found in Russian Wikipedia. However, the other sources, like Steam use the English release date, since, obviously, Steam is mostly English-oriented (and so is PCGW for the matter). Similar issues was with the 7,62: Hard Life mod I put on Series box - it released in December 2014 as a DRM-free mod on developer's website, but was later published in 2015 as an official bonus game entry on Steam. I took the 2014 release date of the mod as the first one and used 2014 instead of 2015. So the question arose, what release date should be used? First release date, no matter what country/language was it, or the first release date in English? This should also be reflected in the Editing Guide, for future reference. Another problem I had was the publisher. Editing guide says "List all the publishers involved in the PC releases of the game.", so I listed Strategy First (which was the first publisher for the game in most of the world) and 1C Company (which later bought out the rights and are publishing the game now). However, I have a physical version too, which was released in Poland, and it was published by Cenega here. I suspect various other countries have other publishers too for certain games. So again, do we list only the English publisher or do we list only the English/international one (typically the ones listed as publisher in digital releases) - and again, this should be reflected in the editing guide as well. Thank you in advance for answering :)
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