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Found 5 results

  1. Version 2.0


    Patch that allows Grand Prix Legends to run at 60 FPS instead of the default 36 FPS. KNOWN ISSUES Online replays have extra jumpiness. This is a general GPL issue, and 60 fps simply makes the problem more obvious. There are frequent 'double-clicks' especially in the setup screen. Moving 3do objects (flags etc..) move too fast on some tracks. Mixing 36 fps and 60 fps online does not work correctly. This version of the patch implements fps checking, so hosting with 60fpsv2 should avoid the problem. But those servers which are not patched, or are running the 60fpsv1 patch, can be joined with wrong fps. Drivers should find out what fps is used on the server, and use the correct version when joining. a patched GPLRA loads 60fps replays and generates correct race reports, but does not analyze the laps correctly. Please do not report on this, since it is a known issue. Consider using the patched GPLRA for race reports only. Retrieved from: http://hgplm.gtr-masters.hu/download/egyeb/60fpsv2.zip
  2. Version 1.0.2


    X-Wing series 60FPS (1.0.2) patch by Justagai This will change the FPS limit from 30 to 60 in any of the X-Wing games in the series: X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, Balance of power and X-Wing Alliance Compatible with the Disc, GoG and Steam versions. Instructions: Extract/Move dinput.dll and Hook_60FPS.dll into the game folder. Multiplayer: Make sure that everyone has the same patch installed to prevent syncing issues. Notes: - If there is a frame loss when targeting something and you have a custom DDRAW installed, try turning off antialiasing in its config. Issues: - It is possible that 60FPS can make some missions impossible due to a movement bug in the engine. Please report the mission with the bugged craft. Changelog: 1.0.2 - XWA: Hangar is now 60FPS 1.0.1 - Fixed issue with certain machines crashing at game startup 1.0 - Initial version Special thanks to: JeremyaFr (Originally created the hooks which this patch is based off of) RandomStarfighter (Overall help with everything) XWVM team (Lots of engine knowledge discovered) And thanks to all who helped test!
  3. Version 1.0


    This fix makes The Godfather (2006) run at 60 fps. I didn't test it much but it seems to be working OK. It doesn't change the default FOV like the fix found on WSGF.
  4. 10,128 downloads

    http://www.projectmanhunt.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=13832 Quoted from the readme: "This mod brings to you the game at constant 60fps on any release of the game (USA or Russia). Game Language: English (Enabled by default if you copy all files) Game Language: Russian (Just copy Manhunt2_R_60fps.exe to play the game at 60fps after installing the game from your DVD, others files translate the game to English) Enjoy this new experience! Catarax from http://www.projectmanhunt.com" There are bugs with this patch though. I noticed that some animations didn't play correctly, the FMV in the menu ran at double the speed, and aiming with guns is sped-up.
  5. 16,435 downloads

    http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Silent_Hill_4:_The_Room Sources: ps2wide.net/other/sh4.7z, ps2wide.net/other/sh4.zip Includes both Wrapper by Nemesis and experimental 60 FPS mods, with modified dinput8.dll by Vetle to avoid problems with antivirus softwares. (Virustotal dinput8.dll: Original, Modified)
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