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Download Dune II Mouse Helper 1.1

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Dune II mouse helper utility

Dune II Mouse Helper

This little utility allows for better mouse controls in Dune II when played in DOSBox under Windows. Specifically, it maps the game's built-in keyboard commands to the right and middle mouse buttons and the mouse wheel, allowing you to use them in the game. It's for people who wish to play the original DOS game in DOSBox, but who find it frustrating to use the original control scheme that makes use of only the left mouse button. It works without adding any noticeable input lag so that the functionality feels native to the game.

  • Right click to order units to move, attack or harvest.
  • Middle click to build and place structures. This especially saves mouse work when laying concrete.
  • Middle click to explicitly order units to attack (for times when right click isn't ideal; see Notes below).
  • Middle click to repair structures or return the harvester to base.
  • Use the mouse wheel to scroll the map. (A horizontal scrolling mouse wheel and Windows Vista or later are required for left/right scrolling)
  • Use the mouse wheel to scroll structures on the production screens and then middle click to build them.
  • Click the 4th and 5th mouse buttons to scroll left and right, respectively. (This is for mice without horizontal scrolling mouse wheels or pre-Vista machines)
  • Press the ESC key to open and close the Options menu (rather than having to press the F2 key to open it and ESC to close it).

  • Right click isn't actually set to Attack because that would cause units to attack the ground when you meant only to move them. Instead, right click is set to Move, since units will automatically enter Guard mode and engage enemy units when they get to the destination. This works in most cases, but you'll need to do a middle click to explicitly order units to attack worms or from a distance.

  • Set "output=openglnb" in DOSBox's dosbox.conf if you're going to play the game in fullscreen. This is necessary or else right clicking will likely work only in windowed mode. If it still doesn't work, replace your DOSBox with the official version or a different SVN build. Setting "output=opengl" will also work, but that applies bilinear filtering which makes the game image blurrier.
  • Either:

a) Run Dune2MouseHelper.exe before running Dune II. It'll stay in memory while DOSBox is running and exit when DOSBox exits.


a) Copy Dune2MouseHelper.exe to the folder where you have DOSBox.exe.

b) Run Dune2MouseHelper.exe instead of DOSBox.exe. It will launch DOSBox.exe for you, stay in memory while DOSBox is running and exit when DOSBox exits. If DUNE2.EXE is found (in that folder, in ..\DUNE2 or in ..\Game), it will automatically launch that in DOSBox. Any parameters passed to Dune2MouseHelper.exe will be passed along to DOSBox.exe (ex. if you were running "DOSBox.exe -noconsole -exit" before, run "Dune2MouseHelper.exe -noconsole -exit" now).


This utility is simply a compiled AutoHotkey script. If you're not satisfied with the given mappings or functionality and would like to tweak them, the source script (Dune2MouseHelper.ahk) is in the "src" folder. You will need to download AutoHotkey from www.autohotkey.com to compile it. In the folder where you installed/extracted AutoHotkey will be a "Compiler" folder. In there is Ahk2Exe.exe, which you can use to compile your modified Dune2MouseHelper.ahk into a new Dune2MouseHelper.exe. An icon for you to use is in the folder with Dune2MouseHelper.ahk. For help with using AutoHotkey, see the help file (AutoHotkey.chm) that comes with it. Tip: If you must play in fullscreen and aren't willing/able to change your DOSBox settings to enable right click functionality, you can always replace the MButton mappings in the script with the RButton mappings and then just use middle click to harvest/attack/move, instead.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Added the ability to middle click to repair structures and return the harvester to base.
  • Changed the 4th and 5th mouse buttons to scroll left and right, respectively, for mice without horizontal scrolling mouse wheels.
  • Added a larger icon.

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