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About This File

SkyNET Mouse Helper


for The Terminator: SkyNET (1996) and The Terminator: Future Shock (1995) by Bethesda Softworks


This Windows utility allows for cycling weapons with the mouse wheel in SkyNET and Future Shock when played in DOSBox under Windows. It runs in the background while you're playing and maps the mouse wheel to its own next and previous weapon functions (because neither game has them). It's been tailored specifically for these two games and, despite the name, works with Future Shock even when it's played outside of SkyNET.



* Scroll the mouse wheel up/down to cycle weapon types (numbers 1-7 on the keyboard) or all 13 available weapons.

* Press the middle mouse button or scroll left/right to cycle weapons of the same type (i.e. weapons that share the same # key).

* Press ~ to cycle up to the next weapon and Shift + ~ to cycle down to the previous weapon (for mice without wheels).

* Press Shift + F10 to show and hide this list.

* Press Shift + F11 to switch between weapon cycle modes (cycling through only the 7 weapon types or all 13 available weapons).

* Press Shift + F12 to toggle automatic weapon skipping.

* Press Pause/Break to pause and un-pause the helper (disabling and re-enabling all above features).



Simply run SkyNETMouseHelper.exe and then run the game.


(Optional) Create a shortcut that will run the helper and game together:

1. Click on the "Create shortcut" button on the helper's main window.

2. Drag and drop your existing shortcut onto the area at the top of the next window


Build a shortcut from scratch by selecting your DOSBox executable and, optionally, your DOSBox .conf file and game executable.

(Both options will create a new shortcut that runs the helper, then DOSBox (+ the game), then exit the helper when DOSBox exits)



There are a few options that you can configure on first run, via the tray icon or via in-game hotkeys:

* Whether to show the GUI window. Default: On. Applies only to running the helper by itself, not via shortcut.

Toggle off to launch the helper silently to the tray.

* Whether to exit when DOSBox exits. Default: On. Applies only to running the helper by itself, not via shortcut.

Toggle off to leave the helper running.

* Whether scrolling with the mouse wheel should be inverted from what most games assign by default. Default: Off.

Toggle on to assign scrolling up to Next Weapon and scrolling down to Previous Weapon (off is the reverse).

* Whether scrolling with the mouse wheel cycles weapon types or all weapons. Default: Weapon types. Hotkey: Shift+F11.

Toggle to "all weapons" if you still want to access your older, less powerful weapons in the mouse wheel rotation.

* Whether scrolling with the mouse wheel should skip unavailable weapons. Default: On. Hotkey: Shift+F12.

Toggle off if it doesn't work as expected or weapons cycle uncontrollably.



* Each time that you load a savegame, change weapons once (with the number keys or the mouse wheel) to "calibrate" the utility. That's necessary because the utility can't know which weapon is selected when a savegame is loaded and needs you to change weapons once to know. If you use the mouse wheel, you may end up with a weapon that you weren't expecting, but it'll work as expected from then on.

* The option to automatically skip unavailable weapons (on by default) works by reading the screen and could, theoretically, fail with some users' graphics configurations. If cycling weapons makes weapon switching go haywire or skip weapons that you do have, you can disable the option by pressing Shift+F12 in the game or toggling it in the tray icon's GUI.

* If anything doesn't work in fullscreen that works in windowed mode, try changing the "output" mode in your DOSBox .conf file. (ex. to "overlay").



This utility is simply a compiled AutoHotkey script. If you're not satisfied with the given mappings or functionality and would like to tweak them, the source script (SkyNETMouseHelper.ahk) is provided in the "src" folder. You will need to download AutoHotkey from www.autohotkey.com to compile it. In the folder where you installed/extracted AutoHotkey will be a "Compiler" folder. In there is Ahk2Exe.exe, which you can use to compile your modified SkyNETMouseHelper.ahk into a new SkyNETMouseHelper.exe. An icon for you to use is in the folder with SkyNETMouseHelper.ahk. You don't need to compile or worry about SkyNETMouseHelperFunctions.ahk (which mostly has code related to the GUI, not the game). It'll be included automatically when SkyNETMouseHelper.ahk is compiled. For help with using AutoHotkey, see the help file (AutoHotkey.chm) that comes with it.



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What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • Added ability to invert wheel scrolling (so that either up or down can be Next Weapon or Previous Weapon).

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